Small incident, Big learnings

Experiences we have in our day to day are good enough to teach us life long lesson and stay with us. They make us what we are and acts guiding light for future as well sometimes. We might think certain instances silly and that we were kiddos or careless in few situations, but give us back lifelong lessons. It’s one such real life that had occurred with a friend of mine from my post-graduation days.

Aditi a friend of mine from college had to gone to Pune after little more than year to attend a engagement of her friend Ananya. She had also gone there to revisit those college days of her’s, but turned out to be a very adventurous trip. She took a 8.40 am indigo flight from Chennai and reached pune around 11. Her friend’s cousin picked her up from the airport along with a relative of Ananya. Aditi was not only excited to one of her favorite city , but also to meet her friend after a 6 long months.

Now begins the adventure in the trip which till now was going around smooth. After refreshing and having lunch, Aditi accompanied her friend Ananya to beauty parlor. When helping her out makeup and dressing, Aditi misplaced her phone. She began a thorough search beginning from parlor and when back to her home and did a search there as well. The host, Ananya parents were also given fair amount of trouble and went to extent of filling a FIR, but just to find out that my friend Ananya was she seated on my mobile. But the rest of the day turned to be great as it was a christian engagement , it was a different experience for her. Also got a wonderful chance to met her other wonderful friends and stress buster after a long day.

After the event I shifted from her home to the guest house to spend rest of the night. Next day woke to exciting new and last of the trip. The day began with the hope to end in the wonderful spirit and with expectation of not having any adventures. The day began at 8:30 am to pleasant and cool weather and she met with Ananya’s friends again. She had a breakfast, a amazing combination of Aloo Paratha, Doha and mango pickle and Curd. She left the place at around 10 am in the morning to her first favorite place-Dagruseth temple a Ganesha temple to offer prasad. After that brought food specialties of pune from Kaka Halwai a famous shop in the city. Later to Ferguson road to further shopping.

But here is the another twist in the peaceful story. Aditi’s mobile lost charge and misplaces the address. So she started back to her guest house, going around the Kirkee and trying find out exact location. But after a desperate attempt, sought the help of people in cantonment area, kirkee and contacted Ananya’s father. With his help,she reached half the right location at 14.30 PM. From there with help of Ananya and her parents, Aditi finally got to her guest house at 15:00 PM

Now the story doesn’t end here, Aditi has a flight at 16:00 PM and she still have done her final packing. But again with help Ananya and her friend she packed and reached the airport at 15:15 PM, just in time before closing the gate in the airport.But help of few generous people , she was able to get through this hurdle as well. But also this is one of these incidents when you think it over or rewind, we feel guilty of how careless we were at the moment. But a great learning lesson which will last for a lifetime. One is to keep the mobile charged, plan properly beforehand ,be more alert and act faster.

P.S: This is based on real life incident and hence names have been changed