Zoya-Danielle Steel


Zoya was written by the author Danielle Steel who is an American author who is known best for her romantic novels.  This is one of few books written by a female author that I have read and I really loved the female protagonist. The story revolves around countess Zoya who had to endure a lot of struggles in her life. Born to a royal family and cousin of the king ruling Russia. Her family fell prey for revolution, killing her entire family leaving her and grandmother alive. A sudden shock to a happy to go 18-year-old girl born and grown in the great comfort of her palace in St Petersburg.  She then moves to Paris with her grandmother and in order to survive she joined her dream ballerina troop and her only skill then was her ballet dancing skills. During the course of her life in paris, she fell in love with an American army soldier double her age. A life of poverty, heartbreak and further loves of loved ones in her family awaited her and made her life even more devasted and miserable. Finally, she married the love of her life Clayton Andrews and moved to New York

Well her drama doesn’t end here. She had entire drama unfolding her 19-year-old girl. What happens to her life? What surprises await her in the city of New York? What struggle does she have to still endure to finally reach where she wants to reach and achieve her dream? All this makes us more exciting read

Opinions and Rating:

I fell in love with the central character Zoya who is strong-headed and full of life. Despite what she had to go through her life and the motivation and her drive to achieve made not help her go up from rags to riches financially and but she was a gem of her person in real life. Her character and poise had an aura that attracted men to her in their life and other counterparts of the same gender. The way that she carried with her and never give up and her attitude towards life is I think women need to learn. She has been an extremely independent woman who loved to achieve and take difficulties in her stride and move on with life

One of my favorite and inspiring quote from the book :

“…But sometimes life made you give up what you loved most. Sometimes there were no compromises or bargains.”

I would rate the book 4/5



When broken hearts meet

Arushi Vats enjoys most of the time reading and writing stories. It’s as if she can’t get enough of them. More than that, she also writes poems and musings from her heart. Her dream is to inspire people through her writing. After her first book, fragile strings, an anthology of poems, comes another fiction book, when broken hearts meet, taking you to an unparalleled journey where there is love, friendship and healing of two hearts in ways you may have never thought.

Avanti a third year student meet suhas. She is introduced to him through his sister kritika. They started out as friends.But Avanti was still hung to her past and ex boyfriend tried to get back in her life. The unexpected entry caused a conflict between her and suhaad. She had started developing feeling for him and vice versa,but ego has knack of finding its way in the middle of ant relationship. The story is about two people who have had bad relationship in the past and have mutual love feeling for both,finally face and embrace it with all the confidence


A normal predictable love story of two people who have had their share of turbulent relationship. The writing is very simple and easy quick read. I would rate the book 2.5/5


Review-Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is one of the classic novels written by Jane Austen and published in the year 1813. The book is one of the most loved and fascinated novels of time and will continue to be. This is the second book of Jane austen that I am reading. I thoroughly enjoy the style of writing of the author as well the story. It is one of the renowned books in English Literature and one of the highest sold books.Before I started with Pride and prejudice, I finished reading and reviewing of the book Sense and Sensibility. They strongly talk about the dependence of women on marriage and not just that. With men, mostly how they are valued based their wealth as well status in the society. This reflects the reflection of how society looks upon Women. But also the fact that women is said to be accomplished when they are well versed with singing, Dancing, Painting and as well take of their home or the family,i.e the women should be all rounder to be accomplished.

The story begins with Mr Bennet and his five beautiful daughters,meaning the his wealth can never passed to any of their daughter. Typical isn’t despite being wealthy,due to stereotypical society women can never inherit the property, the men who get or passed on with the wealth. The plot revolves around complex relationship between Mr.Bingley and Jane, Elizabeth and Dr Darcy , how people of complicated and opposite character fall in love with situation. Sometimes unexpected things happen unexpected times. Mr Darcy is person known for his pride, known for interacting with people who belongs to close circle and attitude problem who he not known to him. Darcy interference in Jane’s and Bingley relationship which was main cause for bitter relationship and separation for a meanwhile. Little drama from Lydia who is the youngest of the siblings from Mr.Bennet family who eloped from the family with Wickham and was finally brought back and they were finally married. After the lot of drama and complex relationship,there was a happy and amicable ending. The story  helps us to understand how pride and being prejudiced against people without knowing their true nature can affect relationship and move people become averse towards them.


Sense And Sensibility- Review

Jane Austen was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. Austen’s plots often explore the dependence of women on marriage in the pursuit of favourable social standing and economic security. Her works critique the novels of sensibility of the second half of the 18th century and are part of the transition to 19th-century literary realism.Her use of biting irony, along with her realism and social commentary, have earned her acclaim among critics and scholars. Her work speaks for her aloud and still does in this century as well. Such a impact her work and her legacy is carried forward with her books generation after generation. Some of her famous work Sense and Sensibility(1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park(1814) and Emma(1816).

So true, her writing strongly reflects the dependence of women on marriage and it was a reflection of their true standing in the society. How sad that it has been a struggle for women from 18th century till how a woman struggles to fight through the society to have a independent life of her own and still it is a struggle for her. A women is often valued based her marriage, her ability to have kids and how many of them

The background of the story is set in London, Sussex and South West England. The story revolves three Dashwood sisters and their mother who lose their husband, move from Norland where they had long established their stay and move to Barton cottage, which belongs to their distant relative. They also have half brother from first marriage of Mr Dashwood.

Henry Dashwood and family were staying with their bachelor Uncle in Norland till eventually the uncle died. The Uncle has passed on the property to Henry who eventually passed off after a year the uncle died and thus property went off to his son from his first marriage who had a son of his own. As a result the The Dashwoods shift to Barton Cottage where the sisters experience through love, betrayal of first love and marriage. Marianne falls in love with Willoughby who she meets during one of her walks. Their first interaction turns to friendship,eventually to love. Eventually a day had come where he had to leave on urgent personal errand. On their trip to london with one of the neighbours Mrs Jennings she come to know that he is engaged to another girl . On the other side with Elinor had also faced the same kind of experience. She had spent good amount of time with Edward the brother of her sister-in-law and thought of him as her future husband,only to know latter that he was in love with one of the Steele sister Lucy. Both who had a happy life now were faced with sorrow of failure of love that they had never faced.

Meanwhile Dashwood sisters meet their brother in london who had come for with his family to london and was staying in mother-in-law place. He was trying to do something to them as brother, but failed. Edwards was going to engaged to someone else from a rich family, but lucy was not aware of this. But eventually he told the truth to his mother Mrs Ferrars that he is love with Lucy Steele and has been engaged to him for 4 years and would lie to marry her. Mrs Ferrars was fine with the relationship nand hence disowned her own son and the estate he was supposed to receive. But with the help of Elinor he was able to secure the house of Colonel Brandon to stay in after the wedding.

The Dashwood sisters then went to cleveland where Marianne fell sick. But with the help of doctor Harry , Mrs Jennings and Mrs Dashwood, she recovered and then the Dashwoods returned back to their home. After settling here, the news of Lucy marriage with Edwards reaches them. But truth was that she had got marriage to Edward’s brother against the wishes of their mother. Meanwhile Edward proposed for marriage to Elinor and with the permission of his mother, they got married and so did Marianne with Colonel Brandon.

This a classic that  has been in  my to be read books for ages,but never got hold of the book. Now that I have, book was amazing and her writing style so captivating. Just being sense and acting to any situation with sensibility is more important than being reactive to it. It help resolves any problem. The books talks of great importance or rather deals with the dependence of women on marriage. I think it is sad that is the situation of  women even now. Despite being not completely dependent on their other half, they are looked upon badly and questioned if they are not married. The mentality of the people have not changed to great extent when compared to other  developments. As for men they judged based on their wealth rather anything else. I would rate the 4.5 on 5 and one best classic and goodreads of all time.