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Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela

The initial part of the book talks about his childhood, his upbringing and the struggles that he had to go through to get a proper education and till starts to face the realities of the world. His father was a chief himself kept Mandela’s childhood name as Rolihlahla which meant “Pulling a tree” or a Trouble Maker. He was connected with the Royal Thembu Dynasty. The early death of his father changes the circumstances of his life. He had to complete part of education with the help of his father’s friend who also was a chief. He had his education in the University of Fort Hare and later pursued Law. He shifted to Johnserburg where he was for a law firm where black people were allowed to work. Those days White people were considered superior and black weren’t. Everything was segregated for white and black people. Black or the Africans were considered in the low level i.e Slaves and weren’t considered worthy enough. Even today Racism is not completely eradicated in the world. It exists in some form or other and there are still victims of racism.

The book shifts talk about the life of black people and how they were regarded by white people in South Africa. He talks about the apartheid existence in the country and how he started his involvement started in the politics. The people who inspired him, the struggle of people around him, ignorance of the majority

He got himself in ANC(Africa national Congress) a party established in the year of 1912 with the aim of removal of apartheid, equal respect of African majority and fight against racism. He saw the struggle faced by his people and given the history motivated him to fight for the cause. He grew up and was became well face on fight against the cause and his fight for the nation spread. A fight like involves a lot of sacrifice and it happens at the expense of personal life. He even went to Jail in Robben Island for almost 30 years. After his release, he continued his fight and achieve d he stood for and this was start of freedom of people and new direct in for South Africa.

Opinion and ratimg

A man truly need look up for. Nelson Mandela stood up for what was right, his principles and moral values. He fought for removal of apartheid, for Harmony of life among different races. Africans, Indians coloured people to to be treated as equally with the white and for equal rights. He stood to ground irrespective of the downfall and struggles through the fight. A man who at the cost of his own personal, fought for his people, nation and also played a motivating his people as well. A gem of person and leader who is no more.

I would rate the book 5/5


Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth M. Gilbert (born July 18, 1969) is an American author, essayist, short story writer, biographer, novelist, and memoirist.Eat pray love is her memoir and it her search for everything through Italy, India and finally Indonesia.

She was journalist and a writer by profession, very independent, a wife living a recently bought by her and husband with plans of having children and growing them here. After few years , their marriage was falling apart and eventually divorce. Post divorce she fell in love with david which at the end had break up despite the efforts to stay afloat. Lizy (Elizabeth ) falls in depression. The story is how she from sets herself into a path of self realization and recovers herself.

The book is divided into 3 parts Rome- Pursuit of pleasure, India-Pursuit of Devotion and finally Indonesia- Pursuit of Balance. A women who gave up herself entirely into a relationship, gave her 100% was just expecting love in return, when that failed it led to disastrous end. She tried to conform to herself to norms of women in the society which she also terribly failed at , as she was extremely independent women who didn’t believe in conforming to set of rules.She stood out and was oddity. Virginia Woolf once said”Across the broad continent of a woman’s life falls the shadow of the sword” This route strikes a perfect chord with me. One side of the sword the convention and normal norm that a women follow and get along perfectly with society.No judges us .But at the same time, On the other side of the sword represent the opposite of convention and we do not follow the regular course at all. This might be dangerous, but interested totally worth taking the risk though.

I feel the story is all about a person who has gone through all the struggles has paused for while to analyze herself, find out what she has missed out and ventures to just be with inner self for a year and bring about her lost balance and happiness. She also found a solution that helps her not only to come to depression and self help medication, but also gave a purpose of life, balance, happiness and positive approach to life. SHe chose travelling and yoga that was her passion. How many of us in our lifetime have at least taken a effort to overcome and bring about a balance in life. I think it is important to take this initiative and improve our lives, else what is point of just running with busy live , just to lose our true self.