The Crown and The Pinnacle of Scarifice

Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy , better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and Indian independence activist. His writings include over 120 short stories, 10 novellas, 5 novels, 3 historical romances, editorial and political writings and hundreds of film and music reviews.

His other social novels include Thyaga Bhoomi (The land of sacrifice) and Kalvanin Kadali (Bandit’s sweetheart), both of which have been filmed. Thyaga Bhoomi, which has the Salt Satyagraha as its backdrop, dealt with women’s rights and untouchability. Parthiban Kanavu and Sivagamiyin Sapatham give a picture of the great Pallava Age ,whereas Ponniyin Selvan paints the age of the glorious Cholas. Both periods are a mixture of many aspects of the history of Tamil Nadu such as that of religions, literature, art and architecture and also of administration.

Ponniyin Selvan is Tamil historical Novel written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. Written in five volumes, this narrates the story of Arulmozhivarman (later crowned as Rajaraja Chola I), one of the kings of the Chola Dynasty during the 10th and 11th centuries. Kalki finished the novel after nearly three and a half years of writing and he visited Sri Lanka three times to gather information for the novel.

The Story revolves around Aditha Karikalar,the eldest son the great king of Chozha dynasty, Sundara Chozhar. He is been invited by Nandini with the intention of revenge to kodambalur palace.Despite being advised not to accept the invite he still accepted the invite and went to meet her as he wanted to ask for forgiveness from Nandini. Aditha Karikalar takes the advice of his grandfather and blessing before he began his journey. Now Vandiyathevan and Azhwarkadiyan set out on strange task given to them and was on their way to Kadambalur. The city bustling with activity and was decorated beautiful as there high position dignitaries were arriving the palace. But both of them had reached before the guest arrived.

It is in here Kadan Maran’s sister Manimekalai comes onto picture. She is told about Vandiyathevan, his Valor, his character, his achievement. The more she kept hearing, more she fell in love with him. But as the circumstances changes, Kadan Maran talk did changed. They wanted her to get married to Maduranthakan. Now that guest were arriving to the palace she was making sure that everything was arranged and things were kept in right place. The first person expected to come palace was Pazhuvoor Ilaya Rani. She also made sure that the rooms of Aditha Karikalar and his entourage were arranged properly.

Meanwhile, Vandiyathevan took the secret passage that he found and finally ended near the back entrance of Manimekalai. There met her and sought her help to save him from the pandya conspirators. A grand welcome was given on the arrival of aditha Karikalar. Post his arrival, the enchantress nandini makes plans to kill him as revenge for killing the panda king. At the right time she took the right move, made sure Aditha Karikalar came to dungeon of the palace along with Vandiyathevan whose job was to protect and made sure he was killed at the spot. She was clever enough to act fast and ran away from vicinity. Hence the suspect of the murder was Vandiyathevan. Also it ruined the reputation of the clan in Kadambalur palace. On the other hand, the prime Minister of the Chozha clan a anirudhar was plotting to find out mute and dumb women Mundakini Devi and bring her to the king. On other hand Ravidasan and other had planned a plot to kill the king Sundarar Chozha. But eventually with the help of Mundakini Devi his life was saved and also the kingdom.

Periyar Puzhavettarayar finally understood the mistake that he had done by marrying nandini and consequences he has to face. He had broken the promise made by his clan to protect the kingdom and he took his life off due shame and unable to face the world.

Finally Vanathi and Arulmozhi got married, Illaya piratti with Vandiyathevan. Sundarar Chozha recovered from his health and shifted to Golden palace that Aditha Karikalar had build for him. MADURANTHAKAR didn’t become the king as the secret about his identity was revealed, that he was the adopted son and does not have the legal rite ascend the throne. Also it was revealed towards the end that sendhan amudhan was the legal hier and he ascended the throne as Arulmozhi Varma didn’t want to take up the throne. He devoted his entire life to development for the country which he felt would not able to do as king. He achieved what was required through Sendhan Amudhan who was the king

The book takes through or gives a fair idea on history of Chozha dynasty, their lifestyle, the culture, heritage. I felt women were give n great respect and of equal importance even in decision making. People led their lived based on values and principles and never gave up on that.

The book influenced me enough to motivate to learn more about the cultural heritage, temples with architectural importance build by the dynasty. Also the book was amazing and captivating that I didn’t feel like putting book down even once. The amount of research that has into when writing the book by the author is very inspiring. This is a very important traits which I feel missing these in many books. The beauty of the cities such tanjore in their period amazes me. As I visit these places in the recent times, am unable to believe it was once a extremely flourishing in terms of agriculture, richness in monetary term, nature and goodness of the people living then. These is great work in the field of literature and one of the most read book even in the present generation

I would rate the book 5 on 5 in terms

  1. style of writing
  2. research
  3. amount of work and time that has gone into writing of the book.
  4.  Story line
  5.  Influence that it has on readers

The Killer Sword



The killer sword is the third part of Ponniyin Selvan. Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy (9 September 1899 – 5 December 1954), better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and Indian independence activist.He was named after Kalki avatar, the tenth and last avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. His writings include over 120 short stories, 10 novellas, 5 novels, 3 historical romances, editorial and political writings and hundreds of film and music reviews.

Lets continue from where we left off from the second part of the book.The cyclone continued for another two days.After it ended Pazhuvettarayar along with his queen Nandini finally arrived at Nagaipattinam port which one of the most busiest port in Tamil Nadu those days.Thousands of goods arrived at the port from other lands and thousands of boat used to transport the goods to the shore. At this point Parthiban enters and meets Periya a puzhavettarayar and his wife. He got carried away under the influence of Nandini and causing caution of doubt to Periya puzhavettarayar. He narrated his part of the story to them and gave them updates on the prince. The news was shocking to both Nandini and the Periya puzhavettarayar which after hearing went about to get inspect Parthiban’s ship. In the meanwhile Nandini brought Parthiban under her control, told a lie to him that Illaya Piratti was plotting against the Chozha dynasty and convinced him to do what she wanted to do

Now lets move our shift to the prince whom we left him off in the sea trying to save vandiyathevan and to Poonkuzhali. Both the prince and Vandiyathevan were in her boat as Poonkuzhali rescued them.The prince was trembling with flu that had spread whole Lanka, and was safely taken to Kodikarai. Before going ahead with journey Poonkuzhali over hears the conversation between Rakkammal, Ravidasan and Nandini. Rakkammal met  Nandini and informed her that Ravidasan is waiting for her near the temple.Both the women go ahead to the temple. Nandini and Ravidasan have conversation and this was overheard Poonkuzhali. She is shocked and had to take steps to protect the prince even faster .Hence she runs to the place where she left the boat and just to find out missing and start to running to the secret mandapam in search of them. She was followed by her cousin Sendhan Amudhan. Both met and their conversation was overheard by Ravidasan. The magician came out from his hiding spot and blackmails her to tell truth about the hiding place of the prince and vandiyathevan. But somehow both of them managed to trick the magician who got caught in quick sand. Sendhan Amudhan and Poonkuzhali ran to the place where they had hidden the prince and Vandiyathevan.

Both Vandiyathevan and Sendhan pulled the boat from the hidden spot with the prince.As Poonkuzhali was conversing with each ,they saw Rakkammal and Ravidasan the magician hidden behind the bushes in the canal and watching them.In order to deviate their attention from prince both Poonkuzhali and Vanthiyathevan had to do small act ,to send a false message that the prince was killed by him during the cyclone.After that Poonkuzhali went on the boat with her cousin and Vanthiyathevan also left on horse to continue his journey .After ensuring that Prince and others were safe and have crossed the channel,he left the message that he leaving for Pazhayarai. Poonkuzhali,her cousin and Prince finally reached to Nagaipattinam Choodamani Viharam they could accommodated and proper treatment be given to Arulmozhi given his health condition. Vandiyathevan after a brief in a small village restarted his journey and reached river Mullai and here meets Devaralan who is one of the conspirators working with the magician Ravidasan.

At a distance they saw a palanquin and suddenly few men came out and captured. He finally met with the enchantress Nandini. After a small intense conversation they separated and he was left back in the bank of Mullai where he had the night’s sleep. He woke up the following morning to sight of Kalamuhars and all they said was he was to face a grave danger. He met with Maduranthakan the middle of the forest and was shocked. Kandaradithar was ruling the Chozha dynasty before Sundara Chozhar took over.He was staunch devotee of Shiva and had no interest in the materialistic world and also ruling the kingdom. His wife Sembiyanmadevi was also follower of Shiva and went on spiritualistic tour frequently.Before his death he had instructed his wife to bring up his children also as devotee of Shiva and should have any interest in the throne.So from the time he was child Sembiyanmadevi made sure to instill a deep devotion to Lord Shiva and give up the worldly pleasures.But even since he got married to the daughter of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar,there is sudden spark in him to rule the empire no matter Now she had sent message asking for his son to come to Pazhayarai so that the future course be discussed.

Lets get back to one of my favorite character Vandiyathevan who is in the middle of the forest who woke up in the early morning to the sight of Kalamuhars. They were just standing just standing besides him and he was still and acting to be asleep on purpose.Just after their departure he woke up .Their words “He will soon face grave danger” was still echoing in his eyes.Now a little history of Kalamuhars. They followed the tradition of Kapalikas in all aspects except to the fact they did not offer animal sacrifice.After he woke up ,silently followed Kalamuhars and overheard their conversation.They were taking about Maduranthaka Thevar who could ascend the throne and Arulmozhi who according to everyone is drowned in sea and have updates on his movements .And the other’s time on earth was coming to an end. He immediately left for Pazhayarai to meet with Kundavai and to give the information before any disaster happens.He didn’t want any wrong information to reach the princess.On his way he met with chariot of Maduranthaka Thevar .He used this chance to enter the palace by acting as soothsayer and said there was danger awaiting from him.

Before Sundara Chozhar ascended the throne, the Kingdom was ruled by his uncle Kandaradithar. He and his wife sembiyanmadevi was staunch devotee towards lord Siva and had dedicated their entire lives to the service of lord and build His temples.He did not believe waging war to expand his kingdom to avoid suffering of his people and wanted to establish peace.Hence the kingdom shrank considerably.Hence he didn’t want his son or his children take over the kingdom and wanted them to dedicate their lives to Lord Shiva .Hence he choose the best suited person to take over him ,that is none other than Sundara Chozhar. So for Maduranthakar until he was 20 years listened to his mother and her words were final words for him.But since he got married to the daughter of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar, he convinced and intrigued to ascend the throne of Chozha Dynasty. The Pazhuvettarayar always urged Maduranthakar to convince his mother to agree to it.The entire entrouge of Maduranthakar and Vandiyathevan entered the palace and slowly began to enjoy the festivities in palace.In midst of the festivities he caught the eyes of princess Kundavai. After the end of the festivities Maduranthakar tried to convince his mother,but she was strong enough not to fall for the bait and argued to keep the promise to her husband as long as she is alive. And conveyed her disappointment.

We all know vanathi was kodambalur princess and also close aide of Kundavai. Since arulmozhi has gone to war and the rumors that he had fallen into the Sea during the cyclone night she has fainting a lot. She has been having mood swings, happy as moon and sad as saith rise. On hearing the news the prince has drowned in sea, she has been devastated, fainted and fell into water. This created a commotion and Kundavai, Vandiyathevan and others came around to help her around. Meanwhile there was commotion at the entrance of the palace and this was due to arrival of prime Minister. He had come on behalf of Sundara Chozhar to convince Sembiyamdevi to let his son be crowned as the king,but still stands strong to prove her point. Following which he also had conversation with the princes Kundavai and were discussing matter about Arulmozhi and she was trying not to reveal that prince has been saved and is taken care of in Choolaimani viharam by Buddhist monks. As she was about to leave to prison to bail out Vandiyathevan to set him on further journey, she met with Vanathi. The kodambalur prince was planning to leave to as his uncle was coming from Lanka and would like to visit him and get all updates about Arulmozhi, as she has been deeply worried about him and his well being.

Vandiyathevan began his journey to Kundandhai  with the scroll of prime minister. It was month of Aiypasi and beauty of Chozha Dynasty was even more stunning and amazing to watch as we travel. The fertile land , crops that had grown and he was completely immersed into this beauty and was in completely different dream world.Suddenly,vandiyathevan heard the song and was startled as he looked up and saw Azhwarkadiyan seated on the top most branch of a tree. As both of them were conversing , Vandiyathevan saw a palanquin and belonged to  royal family.  The vaisnavite did not reveal the truth on questioning and asked him to meet at kollidam. He started his journey and went past the palanquin and caught sight of Kodambalur princess.He finally reached the Kudandhai Josier’s house.There he met with Kodambalur princess.She begging him to take her to nagapattinam choodamani Viharam. She wanted to initiate the process of Buddhism. But both the Josier and vandiyathevan convinced her to do opposite.After this both the princess and Vandiyathevan parted ways and went ahead with the journey.

Vandiyathevan was captured and got hold of  by Nandini and other conspirators. On the other side Vanathi was got hold of Kalamuhars as her to reveal the hiding place of Prince Arulmozhi. She tried to be bold but eventually failed to have a strong impact. Then Prime minster came up in a elephant and was forcing her to let the truth about the prince out.And she fainted out there and was finally saved out by Princess.The whole incident was a dream.Now lets move on to Arulmozhi and how well he is doing. He illness has subsided and had met with the head archarya and he got update as to what happened from him.Then he went to meet his beloved sister and Vanathi in Nandi Mandapam to discuss about the next move.After a serious conversation between Kudandhai and Arulmozhi,they shift their focus on Vanathi  and Poonkhuzhali. As Poonkhuzhali was conversing with Prince and Kundavai,they saw vanathi was about to fall into river and was saved by Arulmozhi. The story continues in the next part…………………


The Cyclone-Kalki Krishnamurthy

The cyclone

The Cyclone is part 2 of ponniyin selvam which was written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. Initially it was published as weekly series in a book which was later published into 5 parts.It was written in Tamil and was translated by C.V Karthik Narayan in english for the wider reach of the book and culture of the Tamil Nadu.

The story in the first part ends when vandiyathevan starts his journey to Eazham to meet Arulmozhivarmar. On the other end Aditha Karikalar narrates his story of the enmity between him and Nandini. We all know that Adhitha karikalr entered the war at a early age of 16 and defeated the Pandya and beheaded the king Veerapandyan. There is an another story to it which no one in the kingdom knew.He was in love with the Nandini. But during the war the king of Pandya was in hiding in our beloved Nandini and she was taking care his wounds.But in fact they both were in love which Aditha Karikalar wasn’t aware of.When he found out the hiding place of the Pandya king,despite the pleading of Nandini and due to his duties towards his kingdom therefore had to kill the king.But this had created a deep wound in the heart of Aditha Karikalar and enmity towards Nandini. It is possible after the incident to quench her thirst for revenge,Nandini was plotting to destroy the Chozha Dynasty . Lets move ahead to second part of the series

Here is introduction of yet another amazing character Poonkuzhali who knows her way around the ocean and also amazing singer.Apart from her talent,she was known for her fierceness,strong headiness,temperament and helpfulness. She was in her boat which was floating near the shore singing and enjoying the nature around her.On the other side of the forest was a temple and deity of the temple was Kodikarai Kuzhagar and it was built by Sundaramurthy Nayanar about 200 years ago.Our dear beautiful lady left for the temple as it was about to close through the dense forest.It is here she encounters the warrior Vandiyathevan. The interaction between started with a comical.She started to run before he could understand as to what was happening or to start communicating. She came to shore and shifted her direction towards the lighthouse confusing Vandiyathevan. Finally he caught her attention and finally spoke her and introduced himself and how he knew her through Sendhan Amudhan(Who he met in Thanjavur).He tells his purpose of his visit and message given by Kundhavai(Illaya Piratti) and his need to visit Arulmozhivarman in Eazham(Now Srilanka).He asks her help to go Eazham to complete his task given to him as she knew her way around the sea and also familiar with the its nature.But convincing her was humongous task as she was very stubborn in nature.But finally agreed to help him. As vandiyathevan with the help of pookhuzhali travels through sea to eazham, lets moves to Azhwarkadayan, a character which we have forgotten for long time. For a person who is strong vaisnavite in nature, enters into argument as to who is to better, vaisnavite or Saivite in Lanka until the prime Minister of Chozha dynasty enters the scene to stop the fight.Lets detour a little bit into the history.A copper plate of inscription which gave details of grant of 10 velis of land made to prime minister Anbil Anirudha Brahmarayar was found in the village of Anbil ,Tiruchirapalli. This got from Sundara chozhar,four years after he ascended the throne.The whole story of heritage,lineage.Meanwhile when Vandiyathevan is Bhoodha theevu to get help and track Arulmozhivarman, Azhwarkadiyan was discussing the state affairs with the prime minister,Illaya Piratti was contemplating whether to go to Thanjavur. It here the story of Dear Prince Arulmozhivarman is famously called Ponniyin selvam is revealed.After the King ascended the throne,he and his family often traveled in royal boat on river ponni. When elders were having fun on one end and children were having fun on the other end,Arulmozhi went missing.On desperate attempt of searching he was found the floating in the river by Aditha Karikalar. The king fell down to save the baby,but suddenly young women emerged from the river with the baby in the hands. The king took up the baby and went back to boat.It was such a amazing sight and everyone came to conclusion that river kaveri saved him.Hence the name given to the baby Ponniyin selvam. Now its time to reveal another secret in the history of the Chozha Dynasty. Kundavai had arrived in Thanjavur from Pazhayarai to take the matters in hand and resolve them before the dynasty is ruined.Her father reveals a secret that no other than the prime minister no body knows.It was a time when Arinjayar, father of Sundara chozhar was wounded in a battle and was struggling between life and death and in parallel Paranthakar was in death bed.Meanwhile various search parties were sent in different direction to find and to bring Sundara Chozhar back to the palace.Meanwhile the king was in small beautiful island surrounded by water on sides and filled with trees.Here he caught sight of a beautiful girl in the island who was both deaf and dumb.She was girl who was living in forest with no exposure to city life,very naive and innocent.He fell in love with her and having not wanting to return to kingdom and captivated by not only beauty of the place also with the girl he stayed for a while.But the one search party sent to find him,finally found and he returned palace and had to  deal with unusual political crisis.On the day of coronation he saw the girl in the crowd and afterwards he ordered the prime minister to sent to search parties to find ,but in vain and found that she was dead .He always felt that the her death has been a curse to family and always feel he sees her ghostly figure in night.Since we were concentrating on revealing secrets we have forgotten about Vandiyathevan. The town in Eazham he was in was was lying  the opposite  of Rameshwaram on the other side of the sea.He finally arrived the gates of the fort where he wanted enter and meet the commander of the Chozhas and give away the scroll.He tried entering the fort using the same trick that he used in thanjavur fort,but failed.But it in this town he meets his vaisnavite friend Azhwarkadiyan. But all that happens for he good he appeared in the right and was of great help to vandiyathevan. Through the Vaisnavite he met with Kodambalur Chieftan and his army of soldiers.Both of joined them and finally tracked the prince Arulmozhivarman. He was in Mahout along with the local to learn more local culture and Buddhism. Finally both Warrior and Prince finally met face to face and handed over the scroll given by Kundhavai to Arulmozhi. Now they finally to the capital city of Sri lanka,Anuradhapuram and it was day of festivity.Here he met with vaidulya bhikshu sangam at stipulated time.The bhiksu led  prince and his two companions the way and finally reached the hall which was filled with idols of the buddha only. Maha Thero Guru was seated in the throne and other buddha bikshu were gathered around.The main agenda of the gathering was to decide the person to ascend the throne and the Maha Thero guru wanted Arulmozhi to take throne and rule Srilanka. But given the humbleness and kindness he denied to ascend the throne. The secret was finally revealed by sundara chozhar himself  to his daughter.But in Srilanka, Arulmozhi met her and she revealed her story through the paintings.She has helped him in unsuitable situations and saved his life.Here arrive into scene Parthibendran who is Pallava king and now close aide of Aditha Karikalar and had come with the task of taking Arulmozhi along with to Kanchi. Meanwhile a shocking news was brought by none other than Poozhukali. There were two troops were sent by Pazhavettrayar to bring back Arulmozhi to Thanjavur. There was also another ship which was handled by Arab and the control of the Pandya conspirators  whose main intention is to capture the prince and kill him.The prince,vandiyathevan,vaisnavite ,Kodambalur chief and his army reach the bank of the sea.But unfortunately vandiyathevan fall for this bait.The prince takes the help of parthiban,his army and the ship starts off to save Vandiyathevan. As it turn out in the middle all the commotion and confusion,there is huge cyclone, making it difficult to rescue more difficult.The ship that vandiyathevan is get hold of fire and others in the board escape leaving him behind.The prince overcomes the obstacles and save vandiyathevan from ship and he faints off. Poozkhuali save the prince  and takes him in her boat with the help of Sendhan Amudhan. Parthiban and troop f/lose track of the prince and trying track him done and are in worried about his survival from ocean due to the cyclone.The rest of the story continues in Part 3 of the ponniyin selvam


Ponniyan Selvam-The First Floods

I am a avid read of book and it has almost become part of me and my world. I can’t live without them and they are the best companion of my life and have been with me irrespective of people moving in and out of my life. To contribute back to the bookish work, this is a small effort from my side as a avid reader

first flood


Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy  better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and Indian independence activist.His writings include over 120 short stories, 10 novels, 3 historical romances, editorial and political writings and hundreds of film and music reviews. Parthiban Kanavu and Sivagamiyin Sapathamgive a picture of the great Pallava  Age of the seventh century A.D., whereas Ponniyin Selvan paints the age of the glorious Chozhas. Both periods are a mixture of many aspects of the history of Tamil Nadu such as that of religions, literature, art and architecture and also of administration.His other social novels include Thyaga Bhoomi (The land of sacrifice) and Kalvanin Kadali (Bandit’s sweetheart), both of which have been filmed. Thyaga Bhoomi, which has the Salt Satyagraha as its backdrop, dealt with women’s rights and untouchability.

I was encouraged to read Ponniyin selvam book by my father and so I read it in the English version,but actually it is written in Tamil. But once I started reading the book never felt to keep it back until I finished and the book was amazing .I learnt a fair deal about the Chozhas dynasty and the rich culture that flourished in vast state of Tamil Nadu.I am also amazed by the research and literature work done by the author

The story begins with beautiful scene of festivity by the river.It is  Aadi perukku thirunal,18th day of tamil Aadi. It during this day people from village gather and  go to the bank of river and to thank Cauvery .Also they carry food and eat after offering prayer to their benevolent mother Cauvery. Enjoying this scene of festivity the protagonist Vallarayan Vandiyathevan was riding through Veeranarayanapuram river(Now known as Veeranam).He was a Vana Warrior  which had carved a niche itself in the history of Tamil Nadu.He was captivated by the beauty of the not only lake,but the also amazed by the foresight the chozha dynasty had and how they had constructed the lake,efficient irrigation system they had set in place and water storage system. Vandiyathevan was entrusted with a confidential task on behalf of Aditha Karikalar the Crown Prince of  the Chozha Dynasty and commander of the northern army.As the scene shifts to a He was named after “Kalki avatar”, the tenth and last avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.Vishnu temple near Veeranarayanpuram where our dear Vandiyathevan had halted before he restarted his journey intending to reach  Kadambur. It is here the next main character of the story is introduced Azhwarkadiyan. There is huge  argument between him and a Saivite about  whether  Shiva greater than Vishnu or vice versa.And it is here he meets Periya Pazhuvettarayar,a warrior among warrior,a man who bears 64 battle scars after having fought 24 battles and also the Dhanadhikari and Dhayapandaram of Chozha Dynasty who was on his way to palace. Vandiyathevan horse regained its vigor after having rested and reached Kadambur Palace. It is here he met best friend Kadan Maran.  There was festivity at the gates of the palace and our main protagonist was taken by his best friend to attends the traditional folks performances like Kuravai Koothu. For the information Koothu or Therukoothu,is an ancient art, where artists play songs with dance and music in storytelling the epics, performed in Tamil;it is a folk art originated from the early Tamil Country. But more precisely Koothu refers to either Terukuttu or Kattaikkuttu. It here the main plot of story of the entire ponniyin selvam starts. At midnight,a secret meeting was held in presence of the major dignitaries who held various positions and play a pivotal role in the Chozha Dynasty.They were plotting against the Chozha dynasty and about succession to the throne.The whole essence of the meeting is overheard by vandiyathevan ,but also by  Azhwarkadiyan. The story next moves to talk about the renowned princess who belong to the Chozha Dynasty.Our dear protagonist meets them in the astrologer house in Kundhandhai. The amazing description of the river ponni takes to whole another world stretching out to join her Samudrarajan. She stretches out further into 2 arm givers rise and one of the golden arm being the river Arisilar(It is near to Kaveri).It is here he meets the two princess,one of them being Illaya Pirati the daughter of Sundara Chozhar(King of the Chozha Dynasty) and other princess from the state of Kodumbalur. Lets leave this chaos,lets move on ahead and introduce a very important and vital character of this breathtaking novel is Nandini. She is the wife of none other than Periya Puzhavettarayar who had the capacity to influence anybody and bring everybody under her control.She is the mastermind behind the plot set against to ruin the Chozha Dynasty and had great power in implementing efficiently.There has been great power and equal importance were given to the women counterparts which I feel missing these days in the society.They had equal role in the decision making process. When there was commotion happening in the astrologer’s house,on the other side of  a secret meeting was held amongst a group of Pandya supporter and  who were also helping aides of Nandini,one of them being Idumbankari, Soman Sabhavan, Ravidasan and there were few others who  were also plotting ruin the chozha dynasty and making plans to visit Sri Lanka.There is war going on in Ezham(Sri Lanka) and commander there is the younger prince Arulmozhivarmar. Lets get back to vandiyathevan,who now reached Thiruvaiyaru and from there when ahead to Thanjavur and followed the palaquin until he reached the entrance the fort.It was here he met Nandini and he falls for her and gets the palmyra ring which gives him the access to enter the fort and help him complete the task at hand.Before he goes ahead with the task in hand he stays at sendham amudhan house for the night.Later next day he begins his journey and with the help of palmyra ring enters the fort  and he meets younger brother of Periya Puzhavettaryar who takes  efficient care of the security of the fort. Vandiyathevan finally get through him and meets the Sundara Chozhar,the king of the Chozha Dynasty and give him the scroll given by Aditha Karikalar(Elder Son and crown prince of the king).Aditha karikala is a warrior among warrior and had entered in to war at a early of 16.He is famously known for beheading the king of Pandya’s Veerapandya and thereby winning the war at a young age.He was the heading the war in the north and headquartered at Kanchi. He had also built a golden palace for his father and emperor of the Chozha and invited him to visit the palace. Now lets move ahead with the story. Vandiyathevan stays for the night at the fort and he enters the dungeon where the all the gold and other monetary wealth are kept and he encounters his friend Kandan Maran again who is stabbed by the security there on command of the enchantress Nandini. This,thereby creating  an enmity between both the men.He also encounters with Nandini in her palace before this whole incident and leaves the fort to start his journey to Pazhayarai. It in Pazhayarai,the daughter of the king,Illaya Pirati and the women who he fell in love and gave his heart( though it is admitted by him at part 5 of the book)  to give the second scroll and complete the task given to him.Here he embarks into his next task which is given to him by none other than the princess herself and he leaves to Eazham (Now widely Known as Sri Lanka) to meet the prince Arulmozhivarman. He is the commander in chief of the army and is leading the war in Eazham and is king in hearts of the people of both Eazham as well in his own Kingdom Chozha Dynasty.he is the prodigy kid who was saved by the river ponni itself when he fell of the boat as baby.But actually saved by a deaf and dumb lady who happened to be love of the Sundara Chozhar before his marriage to his current marriage and this is secret not to known to many people except a few confidant of the king. Now getting back to Vandiyathevan, he is been searched by the whole kingdom as he was falsely accused of trying to kill his dear childhood friend Kandan Maran.The continuation of the rest of the story continues in review of the next part of the book.

For person like me who have visited the present Tanjore ,Kumbakonam it was hard to believe that there was a time these places flourished in terms of the rich culture,infrastructure like irrigation,agriculture,lands were very fertile,no scarcity of water.Foresight of the Chozha dynasty to built efficient irrigation system,constructed lake to store water from the river Kollidam. There 72 sluices on the embankment of the lakes.The rivers and lakes were flooded,rather sometimes overflowed with water.The banks of Cauvery where strengthened,Aditya Chozha due to his sincere devotion to lord shiva, built 64 Shiva temples along the banks.This book is contribution to the Chozha Dynasty itself by the author Kalki Krishnamurthy. As a reader ,the narration takes us to the world of the Chozhas and exciting that we would keep the book down without finishing all the parts of the book.