1984 -George Orwell -Review

1984 is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell. This is my second read of the same author after Animal Farm. The book talks set at a time where the entire population under the totalitarian regime and war was a constant part of their lives.

The whole population was under a surveillance even at home. Two-way telescreen was installed at homes to have control over their lives. The protagonist Winston is a party member who worked in editing THE TIMES. He enters into a relationship with Julia despite the risks involved. He also edits the past records based the requirement. He doesn’t like the way party work and wanted to rebel them.

The party ideology was to deprive the people of their personal life and individuality. The main objective of this was out of selfishness to remain in power and avoid opposition rule. This was perfectly kept alive by killing people who were against them, brainwashing and various other ways.

The kept track of activities of Winston for almost 7 years, to finally arrest him. They arrested him to only remove of his intellectual thought and feelings and thus succeeding in brainwashing him. In fact, they had succeeded in removing even the emotion of love with Julia

The book has had a very profound effect on me. The higher ups wanted to maintain the power at the cost of the people. Most of the population was we’re of labor class who were unaware of things and was easy to influence and this was taken advantage of. There is always a hierarchy in a society based on the caste or richness i.e higher, middle and lower.

Secondly, individuality and uniqueness of the people is lost and this no development among them. The population of a country is not allowed to interact with any other. They deprived of knowledge, emotions toward family and friends. They have turned people against each other. Children were against their own parents. They were taught to be loyal and show any kind of emotion to their party. All this for the love of power. So sad isn’t ??

I would rate the book 4.5/5


Violets are blue by James patterson

More the read James Patterson books, they are much better than the Women murder club series. The last two books are much better read. They are not as predictable and certainly has the right elements that I look forward to in any thriller novels.


The investigation mysterious death of two joggers and similar such death that happened different part of the US, bring to notice a certain vampire cult. Alex is part of this mysterious investigation. Micheal and his brother has been the culprit behind these series of murders and have managep to get with it. They have been following the instructions of the sire who heads the vampire cult. Not only have the victims been killed, but the murderer fed on their blood. While the case was getting into skin and unsolvable, Alex is tormented by a mysterious psychopath THE MASTERMIND who has killed almost everyone the former has worked and thus jeopardizing his family’s safety. Who is the sire? What is the reason behind the murders? Who is the MASTERMIND? Why torment Alex? Why kill all those people close to Alex?

I would rate the 4/5


Zoya-Danielle Steel


Zoya was written by the author Danielle Steel who is an American author who is known best for her romantic novels.  This is one of few books written by a female author that I have read and I really loved the female protagonist. The story revolves around countess Zoya who had to endure a lot of struggles in her life. Born to a royal family and cousin of the king ruling Russia. Her family fell prey for revolution, killing her entire family leaving her and grandmother alive. A sudden shock to a happy to go 18-year-old girl born and grown in the great comfort of her palace in St Petersburg.  She then moves to Paris with her grandmother and in order to survive she joined her dream ballerina troop and her only skill then was her ballet dancing skills. During the course of her life in paris, she fell in love with an American army soldier double her age. A life of poverty, heartbreak and further loves of loved ones in her family awaited her and made her life even more devasted and miserable. Finally, she married the love of her life Clayton Andrews and moved to New York

Well her drama doesn’t end here. She had entire drama unfolding her 19-year-old girl. What happens to her life? What surprises await her in the city of New York? What struggle does she have to still endure to finally reach where she wants to reach and achieve her dream? All this makes us more exciting read

Opinions and Rating:

I fell in love with the central character Zoya who is strong-headed and full of life. Despite what she had to go through her life and the motivation and her drive to achieve made not help her go up from rags to riches financially and but she was a gem of her person in real life. Her character and poise had an aura that attracted men to her in their life and other counterparts of the same gender. The way that she carried with her and never give up and her attitude towards life is I think women need to learn. She has been an extremely independent woman who loved to achieve and take difficulties in her stride and move on with life

One of my favorite and inspiring quote from the book :

“…But sometimes life made you give up what you loved most. Sometimes there were no compromises or bargains.”

I would rate the book 4/5



Don’t blink – James Patterson

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink is the second book of James Patterson that I have read and this definitely didn’t disappoint like the first one 17th suspect a women’s murder club series

The story starts with a murder of high profile lawyer Vincent Marcozza who represents the mob Eddie just when Nick was interviewing the infamous football player just a few tables away from the scene. Luckily he had recorded not only the commotion after the murder, before that as well which was great evidence to solve the murder. But there more to the more making Nick realize he was just set up and was part of a plan. One thing led to another and it led him to another rival mob leader. He also approached the lawyer who deals with organized crime for further help. But the lawyer was also murdered, Nick was lucky enough to drive that has the evidence which everyone was after for. Meanwhile everytime Nick got closer, people involved were ready to do anything to prevent him from knowing the truth. He was being followed and his activities were kept track off

This ultimate evidence lead to unexpected to end to the story. The curiosity to know who killed the victim makes the book an ever gripping read. The culprit was from an unexpected side – David Sorren and Lagrange who were a respected lawyer and head of organized crime department

The curiosity as to where the story is leading made my story more enjoyable and gripping read. I loved and totally enjoyed reading this book. I would rate the 4/5


The Last Nomad-Heramb Sukhathankar

The last Nomad



Shantinagar a slum area between Mumbai city and suburb which place for all new aspirants and dreamers who came to the city. A place that open Heartedly welcomed the immigrants from all around the world. Laksmi and Shankar were an innocent couple who tried to make their ends meet lived in Shantinagar. They were parents of a young boy Rahul. Their world revolved around him and a sudden change in his behavior, moodiness and become a very quiet boy. He was taken to a doctor for consultation. But Rahul was denied treatment by his parent as they were influenced by people like Dinanath against it. He is a representative of a political party and for his selfish and greedy political aspiration used this innocent parent who had imense trust and faith in him to his benefit. He recommended to a saint who would help him recover and story so unfolded , one thing led to another effecting the life a small and complete family. The couple had to serve jail for no fault of thier’s affect Rahul life.

Ryan( who is none other than Rahul) was adopted by Indian parents in Japan. He is a graduate in Literature and in process of writing his first book. The main trait the I personally like about this character, he want to understand women. Why was wommen life deeply affected by people around them especially men. Why do they have to bow down before everyone and anawerable to so many of them. Whereas Men arent subjected to any this struggles in life. He was also a person who wqs curious to understand the inner meaning of life as well. An man with great intellectual trait and man who follows his heart and does what he is passionate about. In fact in Japan he first leant a amazing insight about life- Find out the place or point in the world which will sooth our heard and enjoy the the innocence that a person has within himself. Sonetime certain harsh experience and realities in life removes all our innocence in life.

It was in college where he found his best friend and futute love of his life Saki and they discussed every thing. WIth her inspiration and motivation he finished his first novel and she helped find his first publisher. When the deal was finalised sako, Ryan and few friends went on a trip to Assam and uttrakand to a trip. Sudden change in the events there, led to dead of everyone the trip except Saki and Ryan. But both were seperated after the incident, meanwhile the book became a sensation and worldwide bestseller. Thing brought Ryan back into limelight after three year. What happens in this mysterous three years is the story that ultimately leads to him getting back with his real parents Laksmi and Shankar and also with love of his life Saki.

Opinion and Rating

A beautiful and simple story which makes understand the neccessity of life.Usualy we tend to look at the small perspective of the world and miss the wider and larger perspective. Understanding of what life is and finding where inner happiness is matter the matter. Life is general are filled love, failure , trust, mistrust and arrongance selfish people and lot of other emotion which exibit and understanding the life of people around us also important. The author is right to mention that beauty, inteligence and power play a very important role. Right mixture of these three component can make our lives perfect

I would rate the 4/5

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Seductive affair

Seductive affair is written by Rishabh Puri who is also a entrepreneur by profession.

Story :

Prisha is a student of journalism who is just out of relationship with Akshay and main the reason for the split was the personal difference. At the same time she ends up getting her job in Chronicle where she could pursue her passion for writing as well. Few days into her job she is given an assignment with Rajesh a popular Journalist known for following tough stories which bring out to world revelation of truth have been sent to attend a conference. She was sent to keep an Rajesh. But there is another reason unknown to everyone, why rajesh is keen on attending the conference. He is here to attend and uncover a story which was tip-off from a reliable source. Both get involved not only get involved to uncover truth,but both develop feeling for each other. Thus become a seductive affair.

Opinion and Rating

The story is very predicatable and nothing new about the story line. So I would rate the 3 on 5


Catching the Wolf of Wall Street

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Book: Catching the Wolf of Wall Street

Author: Jordan Belfort

Rating of the book: 4.5/5


Jordan Ross Belfort is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stock broker. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to fraud and related crimes in connection with stock-market manipulation and running a boiler room as part of a penny-stock scam. Belfort spent 22 months in prison as part of an agreement under which he gave testimony against numerous partners and subordinates in his fraud scheme. He published the memoir The wolf of Wall Street, which was adapted into a film and released in 2013.

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street is the sequel to the book The Wolf of Wall Street(review of the book is already posted in the blog) The first book talks about the rise and fall of jordan belfort.  This book in continuance to the first book talks about his life after his fall and his arrest. I would rate the book 4.5/5

The book starts with how he was convinced to enter into cooperation with the government and  prevented from entering into trial. Entering into trial would have had meant jordan belfort would have to spend 30 years in jail. The process through the cooperation till the final judgement day.  A memoir written by the person himself, was hell of a ride. As we read the book, it is written more like a fiction and doesn’t give us a feel that the book is a real life story of the Wolf of the wall street. The brutal honesty  with which the author has written is amazing and reading the sequel has made me fall in love both the books. It is not just a book about of rise and fall of a person, but also send the reader a wonderful message. A man with immense talent in sales which naturally run in his blood  is not used in right direction and is overpowered by greed, money and other perks that come along with it.For a person who would love the world of finance and wall street the book is must and an important read. The book also gives the bad and dark side of the wall street.


The Wolf of Wall Street-Review

The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Ross Belfort is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stock broker. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to fraud and related crimes in connection with stock-market manipulation and running a boiler room as part of a penny-stock scam. Belfort spent 22 months in prison as part of an agreement under which he gave testimony against numerous partners and subordinates in his fraud scheme. He published the memoir The wolf of Wall Street, which was adapted into a film and released in 2013. In addition to The Wolf of Wall Street , there is sequel to this book “Catching of Wolf of Wall Street”

This book  was in TBR for long time and finally got a chance to read . An amazing read and totally worth it.  After a long time i have read a book which made feel totally worth the time and money spent on the book. The book was so exciting and got me curious to know what happened next. Such incredible and compelling story of greed and money. The one thing that amazed me about this book was the how the book was raw and written with brutal honesty and frankness. I am looking forward to read book like more often and I am still in hangover even hours after finished reading the book. Such is the impact after reading the book

The book “The wolf of wall street” was written by the man himself Jordan Belfort. He was known as the wolf of wall street. The book is a memoir of how he minted money in millions actually in excess by the day and how he would spend on drugs, strippers and hard partying. He was initially married to Denise who he divorced few years later. Subsequently married Nadine with whom he has 2 children.  He never was bothered about anyone and in fact he was at the top of his game at the early age. He owned stockbroker firm and rightly motivated his firm employees to do the best sales in wall street. He was master in art of sales and persuasion . He rain the firm for over a period of 5 years. Post that he was running the the firm for few more years behind the scenes, due to an agreement with the SEC But the greed over money and obsession with drug took over everything leading to his downfall. Due to his obsessive drug addict, he also got involved in domestic violence against his wife which ruined his personal life even further. He was forced to get into a rehab and become sober by his wife. But eventually the  FBI agent Agent Coleman cracked the case against Belfort and filed him for money laundering and many close associates involved with him were also arrested and convicted


The Girl on the Train

The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkins is a Zimbawe-born British author, best known for her best-selling psychological thriller novel The Girl on the Train, Which deals with themes of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse. Hawkins Sixth Novel Into the Water, was released in 2017. Around 2009, Hawkins began to write romantic comedy fiction under the name Amy Silver, writing four novels including Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista. She did not achieve any commercial breakthrough until she challenged herself to write a darker, more serious story. Her best-selling novel The Girl on the Train(2015), was a complex thriller, with themes of domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse.The novel took her six months, writing full-time, to complete, at a time when she was in a difficult financial situation and had to borrow from her father to be able to complete it. The novel was adapted into a film in 2016.

This book revolves around three women Rachel, Meghan and Anna and their narration from individual point of view. The story begins with Rachel a 32 year old women,divorced from her husband Tom. He is now happily married to another women Anna and also has a girl child Eve. Its been 5 years since the separation and She still haven’t recovered ,which has turned to an alcoholic. She has lost her job and in search of another job. She stays along with her friend Cathy who she knew from her college days. She takes her regular train which passes through her old place where stayed with her husband. Also she observes the activities of another couple who stay few blocks away from Tom. They were a perfect couple ,but have never met them in real life.

Megan Hipwell was living few houses away from Tom and Anna’s. She was working in small art gallery, but got gallery got shut down due to the lack of market for art. Then she worked as nanny for while at Anna’s place. But left after 2 or 3 months. She was in a relationship with someone else before marriage and was in a live-in relationship. She had a brother Ben who died in a accident. Megan has not been able to come in terms even though few years have passed. On suggestion from Scott, her husband consulted a psychiatrist, Kamal for whom she eventually developed an attachment and wanted to be in a relationship. She did talk about this to Kamal during one of her visits to him. But he didn’t have the same feelings and was scared that it would effect his practice. He wasn’t American nationalite, a refugee who lived in US for his career. One fine Saturday she goes missing unexpectedly.

Now to introduce another character Anna. She happens to be wife Tom and has girl child Evie. Megan was working there for a while as nanny. Anna lives few blocks away from Megan. She always had issues with ex-wife Rachel as she kept disturbing by trying to contact Tom at odd hours. This was sometimes effecting the family happiness. It is been 5 years since both Tom and Rachel split up. But trouble keeps popping up. On the night when Megan disappeared she saw Rachel in the area, exact reason for presence there was unknown to every one. In fact Rachel had sneaked into Anna’s house through backyard and took over Evie and tried to calm down the crying child. After that incident she was seen passing through Megan’s house.

Rachel had blackout on Saturday night and couldn’t remember anything that happened that day. But when she woke up her stuff were in the hall and house smelled of vomit. When Cathy came back to house, it was unclean and vomit through the entire house. She was frustrated as this had become a regular sight and had given Rachel 4 weeks notice to leave the place. Police also come next morning to enquire about Saturday night which even aggravated the situation. After few days she met with an accident and admitted in hospital and this helped her convince Cathy to let her stay at home . Her mother also was in a initial relationship with someone, but offered to help with some money. She went to the station and with the investigating officer and told them what she remembered that day and also gave them a key information. The other day when travelling on the train she had seen Megan with another person kissing each other in the most intimate way.

She mailed Scott, Megan Husband saying that she information regarding Megan’s case. Meanwhile she was called by the police authorities again and if she identify the person from few photos . Two days later she receives mail from Scott asking her to visit him. She reveal to whatever she witnessed and possibility of Megan in extra-marital relationship. The truth was a shocking revelation to Scott as he loved her the most and it was unexpected out Megan to fall in relationship with someone else. On Friday night both of Megan and Scott had a huge argument. Kamal was arrested as a suspect and investigated for 2 days and released him due lack of any evidence

On further investigation by the police it was found that Megan was in relationship with her Psychiatrist Kamal. On Saturday she visit Kamal house to talk with him and get things clarified. She reveals a secret about her past life that she has never revealed to Scott as well. In her previous relationship, she was majorly involved with drugs ,drinking and hanging around with friends. But eventually there was fallout with them. One fine day, she finds out about her pregnancy, but still carried on to live a carefree life. After the birth of her girl child , he left her out and never returned.

Megan body was found in nearby area buried and given that Kamal is more a suspect and Scott was considered to be a suspect. Rachel visited him again to beg for forgiveness and to assure him that whatever she said was truth. She had to reveal him that she was alcoholic, but at same she didn’t lie about what she had told him.

Now let us to the actual crux of the story. Megan and Kamal weren’t in a relationship. She had called him up to her house to ask her on a advice. She was pregnant and not with Scott, but with the person who she was actually having extra-marital affair. She was having in a relationship with Tom since the time she was working as Nanny to his child. But after she stopped working, there was pause in the relationship. When she tried telling the whole truth to Scott, there was huge argument, following which she went out of the house and never returned. She immediately called Tom to meet and even threatened he doesn’t show up. Eventually he did after attending to scene created by Rachel. Finally she revealed she carrying their baby and she wanted to ensure that he should take part in the growth of the child. But Tom didn’t accept it and requested for abortion as he wasn’t ready for another baby and also that she can never be a good mother. Denial from Megan to abort the baby lead to argument which eventually turned to a fight. Tom, unable to control his anger harassed by hurting her with huge stone on to Megan’s head, leading to death.

Meanwhile Anna found a spare phone in Tom’s Gym bag and found out he has been receiving messages from another women. As a result she had doubts that Tom was in a relationship with Rachel again. As she trying to sort it out and find the truth,Rachel came by her house. She revealed the truth about Megan and Tom’s relationship and revealed that Megan was pregnant when she was killed. Rachel tried to use the trick told to her by Kamal to help her find out the incidents that happened on the day of blackout.

Their whole conversation was overheard by Tom. When questioned he revealed the truth to both of them. When Rachel tried to leave, although after assuring that she will not tell the truth, he tried to assault her and kill her and made sure Anna and Evie were safe in their room. Eventually Tom was killed when she was trying to save herself. When the police came to the scene Anna saved her up by telling she had to do it in to defend herself


The God Of Small Things-Arundhathi Roy

god of small things

Suzanna Arundhati Roy (born 24 November 1961) is an Indian author. She is best known for her novel The  God of Small Things(1997), which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997. This novel became the biggest-selling book by a nonexpatriate Indian author. Arundhati Roy was awarded the 1997 Booker Prize for her novel The God of Small Things

The story is set in backdrop of Ayemenem which is now part of Kottayam,Kerala.Its a story of twins Esthapan and Rachel who were separated at an very early age and were reunited at a age of 31. Ammu Ipe wanted to escape from her abusive father Pappachi and convinced her parents to send her to distant relative of her’s in kolkata. There she met love of her life and got married despite apposition from her parents.He works for a tea estate and is very  alcoholic and abusive and wanted her to be a pimp to his boss.Despite this circumstances she became pregnant and gave birth to twins.After that she gave birth to the twins she returned back to her hometown Ayemenem. Pappachi was entomologist working for the government and ill-tempered and abusive father and a husband to mother.She had a brother Chacko who was married to Margaret a English lady who lived in London and have a daughter Sophie Mol. Both of them got divorced and she got married second time. Esthapan was later sent to  his father in kolkata. After the death of Maraget’s second husband,she and Sophie Mol was invited to India by Chacko. The author smoothly takes though the story to give the brief insight of influence of communism in kerala and Syrian christian lifestyle. Chacko,Ammu and the twins travel to kochi for a movie and also fetch Maraget and  Sophie Mol from airport.On their way to theater there was protest by the communist party for the mistreatment  untouchable labor in the factory. Baby Kochamma was mistreated by the communist.Now lets move to the next character of the book ,velutha who is carpenter and also mechanic who works in the pickle factory and also a communist. Ammu also had interest in this person and hence loved him by night and loved his children by day. Both the twins also started developing peculiar attachment with him as well.The book not only talks about the communism,untouchability,but also how the complicated relationship affects the family.Sometimes one small incident can take unexpected turn in life we may never know.Just going along with the flow of life matters the most.The story moves on to chacko and Maraget. Both of them met in a cafe where Maraget was working and fell in love with each other.They both got married against the interest of the parents of the both the sides.After marriage he loses the scholarship he was receiving and was unable to find the work and this was affecting the marriage.Meanwhile she fell in love with Joe a friend of her brother and realizes she was pregnant with her first husband.After her second husband death she was invited by Chacko to India for to spend some time .Meanwhile,our  dear Ammu is locked up in her room after it is found out the she was having a relationship in Velutha despite the difference in the caste status between them. One fine morning,house faces other devastating shock,when they find out Sophie Mol is dead and the twins go missing.Later a complaint(FIR) is filed by Baby Kochamma about the missing kids and also she filed complaint against Velutha the untouchable suggesting he might have raped Ammu. But she was aware that both Velutha and Ammu were in sexual relationship with mutual consent and was very well aware of the consequences.Taking the FIR into serious account ,the police inspector and his other coworker went to History house were they found the twins and Velutha and he was almost beaten to death and finally taken to  station.It was later found out that the kids were in the history house out on their own and not kidnapped.Despite this Velutha was accused of it and died.But when Ammu intending to station to tell the truth,Baby Kochamma planned and influenced Chacko to sent former out of the house to avoid any further embarrassment  for the family.Also she arranged for the twins to be separate by sending Estha to his dad in Kolkata to prevent the two from any naughtiness in the future.

After reading the book, I realized that small incident which may think as they are not significant might actually effect our life unexpectedly. Life is just very unpredictable and we just we need to go on with life as it moves.Caste,untouchability,dignity and self respect played a very important role than happiness of people around and well between two people.These factors judged if two people can get into relationship,can they go ahead and it made life very complicated.Despite advent of technology,increase on awareness and  education the mindset of the people as well the in the political scenario it has not changed at all. Communism still exist,Politician still propagating widely their religion and putting other lower caste ,rather than giving all equal importance.With respect to this book the story revolves twins living Kerala and how changes in relationship in people and external factors effect their lives