In India,through out the year we have lot festivals coming one after the other. Navarathri is one such multi day Hindu festival.The word “Nava” means nine and “rathri” means night and navarathri literally means nine nights. The festival is celebrated throughout india under different names and each region has different myths.Generally each day of Navathri is nine different devi’s. The nine different aspects of Devi are worshipped over the nine days. These are the most popular forms under which she is worshipped: Durga: goddess beyond reach; Bhadrakali the auspicious power of time; Amba or Jagdamba: mother of the world; Annapurna: giver of food and plenty; Sarvamangala: auspicious goddess; Bhairavi: terrible, fearful, power of death; Chandika or Chandi: violent, wrathful, furious; Lalita: playful; and Bhavani: giver of existence. On the ninth day we do  saraswathi puja and on 10th day we do vijayadasami. On vijayadasami,traditionally we are supposed to start something new and some other part of india its called as Dussera. In kolkata this whole period is celebrated as durga puja,in gujarat its in this time they play  Garba and Dandia. In Tamil Nadu,first three days are dedicated to Laskshmi, 2nd three are to durga and last 3 days are dedicated to saraswathi. We perform puja on all nine days of the festive season and in many parts people also keep fast.In most part of the country burn buffies Ravana, Meghanatha and Kumbhakarna.

In eastern India and west bengal, navarathri start with Mahalaya,where the hindu’s remember their ancestors.On the 6th day the festival,also known as sasthi they welcome the durga to community and  the festivity begins.on the 7,8 and 9th day,durga along with lakshmi ,ganesha and karthikeya are worshiped and various rituals are done at pandals as well families house.On the 10th day that is vijayadasami,they carry clay idols of durga in possession and soak in sea or ocean marking the end  of festival.

In Tamil Nadu,during the navarathri durga,saraswathi and lakshmi are given more importance. Several traditional dances such bharathanatyam and classical musics are organised in various temples.Visiting temples during this time gives us a pleasant sight.We perform puja on all nine days of the festive season and in many parts people also keep fast.In tamil nadu we keep decorate our houses with golu(Pic below).

Image result for golu dolls


In Chennai ,in streets of mylapore we find lot of sellers with the dolls for festivals.In my home its a tradition to one each.I visited them for the first time as i usually visit the exhibitions or never go due to work commitment.

Image result for golu dollsImage result for mylapore golu dolls

In northern ,western part of India are also celebrated  in different ways.

In my home these we have kept this year and pictures are below,its a part of tradition that we keep during navarathri in state of Tamil nadu.


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