Politika By Tom Clancy

The book is my first read of the author Tom Clancy. I have heard his books are great read in thriller genre.

The sudden death of Russian President causes a chaos in the country. The country is already in verge of famine where million of people will suffer hunger and poverty unless the necessary actions are taken. The current president starinov who took over the previous one, visited the US president who talk about matters of agriculture, supply of food and other matters.

On the eve of New year’s Eve of 2000 which marks the beginning of millenial, a bomb blast in Times Square shock kills thousands of people and equal number of people were injured in the attack takes place. The blast is linked to higher government official in Russia, this bringing a stop to execution of the deal. Thus putting Russia in a jeopardy and questions of Thier future still unanswered.

Roger Gordian, a business man who has business in many countries including Russia starts his own investigation of the blast by appointing the best team. Meanwhile the government official such CIA, FBI and many such organisations also does a parallel investigation. What happens makes the rest of the story. His efficient team identities the mastermind behind the bomb blast. The culprit happens to be a higher official in Russian government. Despite the effort to cover his traces by killing of all the intermediaries involved in the planning, he was identified. Infact he made an attempt to kill the president Stratinov which also prevented by the efficient team of Roger

But as I read the story I felt there few questions unanswered. Roger team does the best work and finds the culprit of the blast, prevent them from murdering the president and even killing them in the course of events, what have the police officials doing, how efficient are they in resolving the issues? Why is it that government officials with all the resources and access couldn’t find the culprit and prevent the murder of Russian President when a business could do it and bring about justice

Fiction, Thriller+Mystery

Deliver Me by Karen Cole – Review

Deliver Me -Karen Cole

Deliver Me is a debut Novel of the author Karen Cole. Thriller is one of my favorite genre and I  picked up a book in this genre after a long time. In Fact, Deliver Me is a perfect book in this genre and good thriller novel after a long time. Hence I would like to than @quercususa publication for giving me  the review copy

Abigail the protagonist visits the doctor Dr. Rowe only to receive the shocking news of her life, that she is 2 months pregnant. She hasn’t been any sort of relationship for a year, only to realize that something fishy did happen to her in the New year party of her only friend in town. She doesn’t remember anything from the party making it difficult for her pinpoint who was responsible for this. She confides this situation to her friend Danny asking him for help. 

To add on, she receives gifts, written and text messages as well. Her day to day activities and movements are kept track off by the culprit and continue’s to receive taunting messages from him as well. Not only is Abigail shaken by her pregnancy, but also by the mad and psychotic behavior from a person she doesn’t know at all. 

Finally, she tells about her pregnancy to her sister Ellie and Rob(Ellie’s Husband) who take the news as a bit of a shock and finally go along with her. Her sister has been helpful to her until she was denied the adoption of the baby by her own sister. Abigail starts to doubt on every person who did attend the NYE party and reaches a high point, only to realize she has been looking in the wrong direction. She finds pictures of her and few others in nude and odd positions in Ellie and Rob laptop. This was misleading again causing her to doubt on Rob as well

Her sister Ellie goes missing and it during the search she finds out who got her pregnant.  It was none other than Dr.Rowe, who is responsible for her sister’s death. Ellie was murdered for finding out the truth about him and what he did various women. Pictures in the laptop were the evidence found by Ellie on Dr.Rowe system 

The book also talks about sexual abuse and how it affects the lives of various women. The antagonist in the story has also been responsible for the pregnancy of a schoolgirl as well. Drugging the girls and using it his advantage to get involved with him and get the girls pregnant. Abigail had gone for biopsy, who was sedated for the process and in that duration, she was misused. Culprits like this do deserve death as their punishment

I would rate the book 4/5

Fiction, Thriller+Mystery

The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by Stieg Larsson-Review

The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

“The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” by Stieg Larsson is the third in the Millennium series by the author.

This is starts from where it ended in the second part of the series. It behind with rescuing Lisbeth Salander and Zalanckho her father and bringing her into the hospital. Both of them are involved in conspiracy apart from the government. Anything revealed by them would bring various stakeholders down and affect the reputation of Sweden. Lisbeth is accused of things that she hasn’t committed at all. And people from government agencies like S.I.S and Sapo are trying to cover up the truth revolving around it by suppressing and accusing her. She is not given the basic civil right that she needs to enjoy as a citizen of Sweden.

Finally, she gets a chance with help of Blomkvist and his lawyer sister to fight for justice. His sister fights for her in court. Blomkvist work with the police team to investigate the truth in the case and protect both the victim and the nation

Whether Lisbeth gets the justice that she deserves? Will she be denied her basic freedom and civil rights? Will the culprit punished for their deed? The curiosity to know get answers for this question make this book an amazing read

Opinion and rating

“She wondered why she, who had such difficulty talking about herself with people of flesh and blood, could blithely reveal her most intimate secrets to a bunch of completely unknown freaks in the internet” is amazing quote from the book itself which totally reveals the exact nature of Lisbeth and I love her attitude towards people who are corrupt. She is known to fight for justice in every situation she is put in.

Corruption is the main cause for ruining the reputation of any country and this story just highlight’s precisely.

Journalist and journalism can also place a very important role in being out cases affecting the country and bring about justice. Blomkvist is one such character who has played in bring forth only just justice but also has brought truth to the public.

Women should also be treated as equal and never ever be misinterpreted. They play extremely important to growth of nation as well. Female characters in the book have been protrayed as very strong, equal to their counterparts and achieved whatever they wanted to. Lisbeth Salander, Gianni, and Berger are three character from book which is inspirion for every woman

I would rate the 4/5


Calling Sehmat-Harinder S. Sikka



Calling Sehmat is real life event based Spy thriller written by Harinder S. Sikka. This book is author’s first novel and the second edition is published Penguin Random House India. I came to know about the book through the movie Raazi which was based on it and I totally loved it.

Sehmat born to Muslim father Hidayat Khan and Hindu mother in Kashmir. Hidayat Khan was a true patriot for his home country India and would do anything for his country. But life takes its own unexpected twist and turns and takes it’s own course. He was detected with cancer and was unable to take of his own business as well tasks given to him by Indian Intelligence. He now relies on his daughter Shemat to carry out the tasks he had started out. As a result, she had to give up her college and love of her life and marry the son of the Pakistan general.

She is also a patriot just like her father who puts her life into Jaws of death by venturing into Pakistan. Her training and her intuition that helps her to gather vital information that is necessary and manages to communicate back to India.  Despite the risks involved, she did her job with great ease. She also found information regarding Pakistan plans to attack INS Vikrant. In short, Pakistan was planning to fight underwater and have been targeting Indian Naval. This puts INS into Spot and it is time for them prove their mettle and fight for their country. What happens after this discovery and how it unfolds makes the story a great read

Opinions and Rating:

This is the first book that I have read on spy thriller genre and it was a good and an easy read as well. A story of inspiring, strong women who put herself between jaws of death for India. And she did achieve what she set out to do in Pakistan and saved India from a great tragedy but also added to pride and valor of the country as well

I would rate the 4 on 5


Violets are blue by James patterson

More the read James Patterson books, they are much better than the Women murder club series. The last two books are much better read. They are not as predictable and certainly has the right elements that I look forward to in any thriller novels.


The investigation mysterious death of two joggers and similar such death that happened different part of the US, bring to notice a certain vampire cult. Alex is part of this mysterious investigation. Micheal and his brother has been the culprit behind these series of murders and have managep to get with it. They have been following the instructions of the sire who heads the vampire cult. Not only have the victims been killed, but the murderer fed on their blood. While the case was getting into skin and unsolvable, Alex is tormented by a mysterious psychopath THE MASTERMIND who has killed almost everyone the former has worked and thus jeopardizing his family’s safety. Who is the sire? What is the reason behind the murders? Who is the MASTERMIND? Why torment Alex? Why kill all those people close to Alex?

I would rate the 4/5


Don’t blink – James Patterson

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink is the second book of James Patterson that I have read and this definitely didn’t disappoint like the first one 17th suspect a women’s murder club series

The story starts with a murder of high profile lawyer Vincent Marcozza who represents the mob Eddie just when Nick was interviewing the infamous football player just a few tables away from the scene. Luckily he had recorded not only the commotion after the murder, before that as well which was great evidence to solve the murder. But there more to the more making Nick realize he was just set up and was part of a plan. One thing led to another and it led him to another rival mob leader. He also approached the lawyer who deals with organized crime for further help. But the lawyer was also murdered, Nick was lucky enough to drive that has the evidence which everyone was after for. Meanwhile everytime Nick got closer, people involved were ready to do anything to prevent him from knowing the truth. He was being followed and his activities were kept track off

This ultimate evidence lead to unexpected to end to the story. The curiosity to know who killed the victim makes the book an ever gripping read. The culprit was from an unexpected side – David Sorren and Lagrange who were a respected lawyer and head of organized crime department

The curiosity as to where the story is leading made my story more enjoyable and gripping read. I loved and totally enjoyed reading this book. I would rate the 4/5


The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskerville


The Hound of the Baskervilles is the third of the crime novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson. The story set in the backdrop of  Dartmoor in Devon in England’s West Country and tell about the legend of the fearsome and supernatural hound which has been affecting the Baskerville family and killing every one of them till the recent mysterious murder of Sir Charles Baskerville. His death has added made Dr. Mortimer fear more for the last heir of the Baskerville Family Sir Henry Baskerville who is in Canada and made notice of Sir Charles Death. To bring an end of the mystery revolving around the family and prevent Henry also falling a victim for this Sherlock Holmes is brought notice of his death and mystery revolving around the family. Both Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson take up to solve this case.

The Mr. and Mrs. Stapleton who have been living in an isolated place in Dartmoor have raised curiosity and further research to find he is a Baskerville family. He has been killing everyone just for the sake of the entire property. Mr. Stapleton has had criminal not only in this case and but various others ways for past 3 to 4 years. How Sherlock clever enough to finally identify him as the culprit and clever enough to prove by using Henry as bait made me hook to book and not put them down until I finish the book

Opinion and Rating:

Every time I read Sherlock Series the author has never failed to impress me. All the more I fall in with Sherlock Holmes and how he solves the cases. They have never failed to arouse my curiosity and always kept me hooked up. In fact, I have kept this book as a reference when I read other books in the same genre and review them. Sherlock Holmes always stand out at the top.

Therefore I would rate the book 4.5/5




John Michael Crichton was an American author, screenwriter, film director and producer best known for his work in the Science fiction, thriller, and medical fiction genres. His books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and over a dozen have been adapted into films

His literary works are usually within the action genre and heavily feature technology. His novels epitomize the techno-thriller genre of literature, often exploring technology and failures of human interaction with it, especially resulting in catastrophes with biotechnology. Many of his novels have medical or scientific underpinnings, reflecting his medical training and scientific background.

Michael Crichton has been in my “TO BE READ” books for a very long time and finally got hold of one his books. His books were recommended to when I asked for a suggestion for a thriller(One of my favorite genre). I started with the book “Disclosure” a book which deals with Thomas Sander who works for local based developing technological company digicom. The firm is in talks for a merger with another rival company an as a result changes in the restructuring within the firm. These lead to the appointment of Meredith Johnson as Vice President of the APS division which has shocked everyone in the firm. Everyone was expecting or looking forward to Sanders to take her position. Both of them were involved in a relationship 10 years back and she tries to resume by sexual advances towards in a meeting regarding products. This leads to a Sexual Harassment case which is files by Sander when Meredith puts him tight position of a job by filing an internal complaint against him. The evolution of the story post makes the book an amazing read

The theme of the novel is all about sexual harassment. But it definitely not generic one where the woman is harassed by men in power. But it a role reversal case where women in power have abused her position to her benefit and involved in sexual advance not with one but with many men who do not come forward to talk in general. It is typical when a man complains of Sexual harassment because of women to laugh and give a look into it and investigate. But in a vice versa situation, it gets all blown up and investigation happens and is resolved. I think this inequality and imbalance would be resolved one and only if there balance of both gender in top position. The solution is given by Sander’s attorney if and only if that proportion of both women and men given the authority of the power of balanced and in the ratio of 50:50, there will no question of mistreatment, inequality and misuse of power

I would rate the book 3/5