The Mystery of Three Quarters

Hannah is also the author of a book for children and several psychological crime novels. Her first novel, Little Face, was published in 2006 and has sold more than 100,000 copies. Her fifth crime novel, Lasting Damage, was published in the UK on 17 February 2011.Kind of Cruel, her seventh psychological thriller to feature the characters Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer, was published in 2012.

Christie’s first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, was published in 1920 and introduced the detective Hercule Poirot, who became a long-running character in Christie’s works, appearing in 33 novels and 54 short stories.

Miss Jane Marple,introduced in the short-story collection The Thirteen Problems in 1927, was based on Christie’s grandmother and her “Ealing cronies”. Both Jane and Gran “always expected the worst of everyone and everything, and were, with almost frightening accuracy, usually proved right.Marple appeared in 12 novels and 20 stories

Hercule Poirot returns home after lunch only to find a angry woman Sylvia Rule waiting for him. She has been accused of murder of Barnabas Pandy and received a letter for the same from a person disguising Hercule. There were three other people who did get a similar letter of accusing them of murder. One is John Mcrodden , Hugo and Annabel who is the granddaughter of Barnabas Pandy.

Who has sent this letters? Was Barnabas Pandy death a murder or accidental? Who is the mastermind behind? Why send these letter under Hercule signature?

The four people in the story were directly or indirectly linked to the family of Barnabas Pandy or have in contact with them. Lenore lavington is the sister of the Annabel and has two kids Ivy and Timothy. Lenore had visited Mrs rule regarding abortion of her second child.  John and Lenore has short  romantic relationship and still in their heart have love for each other. Timothy was studying in school where Hugo was the housemaster.This establishes the relationship of the people with Lenore.

Lenore is mastermind behind this work. The reason for her to set and work on this plan make the story a great read…

Fiction, Thriller+Mystery

Deliver Me by Karen Cole – Review

Deliver Me -Karen Cole

Deliver Me is a debut Novel of the author Karen Cole. Thriller is one of my favorite genre and I  picked up a book in this genre after a long time. In Fact, Deliver Me is a perfect book in this genre and good thriller novel after a long time. Hence I would like to than @quercususa publication for giving me  the review copy

Abigail the protagonist visits the doctor Dr. Rowe only to receive the shocking news of her life, that she is 2 months pregnant. She hasn’t been any sort of relationship for a year, only to realize that something fishy did happen to her in the New year party of her only friend in town. She doesn’t remember anything from the party making it difficult for her pinpoint who was responsible for this. She confides this situation to her friend Danny asking him for help. 

To add on, she receives gifts, written and text messages as well. Her day to day activities and movements are kept track off by the culprit and continue’s to receive taunting messages from him as well. Not only is Abigail shaken by her pregnancy, but also by the mad and psychotic behavior from a person she doesn’t know at all. 

Finally, she tells about her pregnancy to her sister Ellie and Rob(Ellie’s Husband) who take the news as a bit of a shock and finally go along with her. Her sister has been helpful to her until she was denied the adoption of the baby by her own sister. Abigail starts to doubt on every person who did attend the NYE party and reaches a high point, only to realize she has been looking in the wrong direction. She finds pictures of her and few others in nude and odd positions in Ellie and Rob laptop. This was misleading again causing her to doubt on Rob as well

Her sister Ellie goes missing and it during the search she finds out who got her pregnant.  It was none other than Dr.Rowe, who is responsible for her sister’s death. Ellie was murdered for finding out the truth about him and what he did various women. Pictures in the laptop were the evidence found by Ellie on Dr.Rowe system 

The book also talks about sexual abuse and how it affects the lives of various women. The antagonist in the story has also been responsible for the pregnancy of a schoolgirl as well. Drugging the girls and using it his advantage to get involved with him and get the girls pregnant. Abigail had gone for biopsy, who was sedated for the process and in that duration, she was misused. Culprits like this do deserve death as their punishment

I would rate the book 4/5


The Goat Thief by Perumal Murugan – Review


Perumal Murugan is an Indian author, scholar and literary chronicler who writes novels in Tamil. He has written six novels, four collections of short stories and four anthologies of poetry to his credit. Three of his novels have been translated into English: Seasons of the Palm, which was shortlisted for the Kiriyama Prize in 2005, Current Show and One Part Woman. He was a professor of Tamil at the Government Arts College in Namakkal.

The Goat thief is my second read of the famed author Perumal Murugan. This book is a collection of 10 stories set a village background in India. They are stories which representing the slice of lives of various characters. The stories are very simple, relatable but there wasn’t any take-away from them.  The short stories talked about various facets of life.  A goat thief who gets caught in his act and is chased by the villagers who want to kill him. It is shame on the thief having learned the job from his dad who is a pro in this.

A night-watchman who ran from his home started after working in so many places, landed a job in a farm. He falls in love with a ghost of a raped woman only to almost lose his job.

A story of old farmer who is jealous that a young man Murugesan whose age is that of his sons, driven to do thing fast in life somehow struggles and finishes constructing his home. The farmer overcomes his jealousy by ruing a part of the latter’s finished home. 

These stories are just of glimpse of the stories in the book. Although there is not much of a take from them, the book is apt for the ones who need to read something lite or deviate themselves from a serious read. The book didn’t meet my expectation that I had for the book given the hype surrounding the book.  

I would rate the book 3/5 


Ponnachi or The Story of a black goat

Ponnachi or The Story of Black goat by Perumal Murugan

Perumal Murugan is an Indian author, scholar and literary chronicler who writes novels in Tamil. He has written six novels, four collections of short stories and four anthologies of poetry to his credit. Three of his novels have been translated into English: Seasons of the Palm, which was shortlisted for the Kiriyama Prize in 2005, Current Show and One Part Woman. Ponnachi was one of the shortlisted books for JCB Price List 

One fine evening, when an old man who was with his herd of goats to help them feed encounters a mysterious strange person with a day old goat kid. He was given the kid for free and the goat itself was a unique one. In the day’s black goats are a rarity, this is one was full black goat kid which set it apart from others and it also came from mother or lineage per se who has a capability to deliver 7 babies at a go. She became the center of attention for the couple as their daughter was aways and they considered her to be one. Also, the kid was very fragile and needed care and attention.  During her childhood days, she gets all the attention only to lose it once puberty hits. She is domesticated like others, she litters 7 kids in her first pregnancy, starts to have a feeling for another goat who happens to live in the woman’s daughter house. The little pleasure that she gets is what she lives and clings on to it. The events that unfold in her life makes rest of the story 

This is my second after  ” Animal Farm” which revolves around the life of animals as the protagonist. It is sad little pleasure and to space, they get to breath are just between the life and death. Their lives are in the hands of the humans who supposedly own them and they get to decide whom they get to sleep when to have babies when they need to slaughter. All these animals expect is love from them and which we as humans fail to give and use it for our selfish needs 

I would rate the book 4/5


1984 -George Orwell -Review

1984 is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell. This is my second read of the same author after Animal Farm. The book talks set at a time where the entire population under the totalitarian regime and war was a constant part of their lives.

The whole population was under a surveillance even at home. Two-way telescreen was installed at homes to have control over their lives. The protagonist Winston is a party member who worked in editing THE TIMES. He enters into a relationship with Julia despite the risks involved. He also edits the past records based the requirement. He doesn’t like the way party work and wanted to rebel them.

The party ideology was to deprive the people of their personal life and individuality. The main objective of this was out of selfishness to remain in power and avoid opposition rule. This was perfectly kept alive by killing people who were against them, brainwashing and various other ways.

The kept track of activities of Winston for almost 7 years, to finally arrest him. They arrested him to only remove of his intellectual thought and feelings and thus succeeding in brainwashing him. In fact, they had succeeded in removing even the emotion of love with Julia

The book has had a very profound effect on me. The higher ups wanted to maintain the power at the cost of the people. Most of the population was we’re of labor class who were unaware of things and was easy to influence and this was taken advantage of. There is always a hierarchy in a society based on the caste or richness i.e higher, middle and lower.

Secondly, individuality and uniqueness of the people is lost and this no development among them. The population of a country is not allowed to interact with any other. They deprived of knowledge, emotions toward family and friends. They have turned people against each other. Children were against their own parents. They were taught to be loyal and show any kind of emotion to their party. All this for the love of power. So sad isn’t ??

I would rate the book 4.5/5


Animal Farm-George Orwell-Review

About the Author:

Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic whose work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

He is best known for the novel Animal Farm and the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty Four. His non-fiction works, including The Road to Wigan Pier and Homage to Catalonia, are widely acclaimed, as are his essays on politics, literature, language, and culture.

Story and opinion:

The quote “All Animals are equal But some animals are more equal than others” from the book best describes what the story is trying to convey. A group of animals in Manor Farm are being treated badly in the hands of their Master Mr. Jones. They are treated as a slave and get nothing back even proper food. The animals are motivated by Old Major white boar talks to them and motivated to fight for their freedom against the humans.

After his death, the intelligent animals among the group plan for a rebellion against the humans. With due luck, Jones has put himself in circumstances making the fight for rebellion struggle easier. But the end of one lead to freedom and new and different circumstances within them. Hierarchy and dictatorship prevailed even among the animals. The pigs and dogs take power over the rest of the animals and they endure what they had when under humans.

Power can addictive and consuming. It is what took those who were leading the pack of animals on the farm. They were ready to do anything to have power. In this addiction for power, the pigs who were ruling over and holding the leadership have become similar to what humans where. The problem that animals suffered under the maters of two humans never changed when they were taken care of by four legs animals

The seven commandments that the animals had were

  1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
  2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
  3. No animal shall wear clothes.
  4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
  5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
  6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
  7. All animals are equal.

The book also talks about the concept of animalism and principle that comprises. The commandments play a very important role in the farm and in the concept of animalism. Few rules were changed by the pigs for their benefit over a period of time. The animals who set these commandments with the aim of not being like humans and leading a life with fairness and equality. But when the reality sunk in they turned to be similar to humans.

I would rate this book 4/5

Fiction, Thriller+Mystery

The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by Stieg Larsson-Review

The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

“The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” by Stieg Larsson is the third in the Millennium series by the author.

This is starts from where it ended in the second part of the series. It behind with rescuing Lisbeth Salander and Zalanckho her father and bringing her into the hospital. Both of them are involved in conspiracy apart from the government. Anything revealed by them would bring various stakeholders down and affect the reputation of Sweden. Lisbeth is accused of things that she hasn’t committed at all. And people from government agencies like S.I.S and Sapo are trying to cover up the truth revolving around it by suppressing and accusing her. She is not given the basic civil right that she needs to enjoy as a citizen of Sweden.

Finally, she gets a chance with help of Blomkvist and his lawyer sister to fight for justice. His sister fights for her in court. Blomkvist work with the police team to investigate the truth in the case and protect both the victim and the nation

Whether Lisbeth gets the justice that she deserves? Will she be denied her basic freedom and civil rights? Will the culprit punished for their deed? The curiosity to know get answers for this question make this book an amazing read

Opinion and rating

“She wondered why she, who had such difficulty talking about herself with people of flesh and blood, could blithely reveal her most intimate secrets to a bunch of completely unknown freaks in the internet” is amazing quote from the book itself which totally reveals the exact nature of Lisbeth and I love her attitude towards people who are corrupt. She is known to fight for justice in every situation she is put in.

Corruption is the main cause for ruining the reputation of any country and this story just highlight’s precisely.

Journalist and journalism can also place a very important role in being out cases affecting the country and bring about justice. Blomkvist is one such character who has played in bring forth only just justice but also has brought truth to the public.

Women should also be treated as equal and never ever be misinterpreted. They play extremely important to growth of nation as well. Female characters in the book have been protrayed as very strong, equal to their counterparts and achieved whatever they wanted to. Lisbeth Salander, Gianni, and Berger are three character from book which is inspirion for every woman

I would rate the 4/5


Kushwant Singh Train to Pakistan

Kushwant Singh is an Indian politician, author, journalist, lawyer and diplomat. Train to Pakistan is book he was inspired to write based in his experience during the partition.

Mano Majra is a village on the border of India and Pakistan. A small village where both the Sikh and Muslims community live in peace and harmony. It was the year of partition of India and Pakistan and tension I across the border was arising. The Muslims were killing the Hindus moving across the border to India and vice versa. The trains from Lahore to Punjab and vice versa pass through this village. The entries village was shocked with the murder of the money lender Ram Lal who was an Hindi was murdered by dacoit’s. The sudden shock of this incident doesn’t stop here

The train that passed by for the next few days had people who were murdered and burnt . The entire village nearby Mano Majra was also were murdered and pushed into the river which reached the banks of Mano Majra. All this brought in the reality to the village. The Muslim in the village starter to worry for this lives and the entire village was come to terms that the Muslim have to move out for their safety. The consequences of these events on the people of the village and unfolding the story make the read going


The first half of the book was boring and dragging. He got to the story after 80 pages or so. Since the story is set in the backdrop of the post Independence and partition it gives the reader the glimpse of the what people went through. It not only involved loss, separation of people and was the main cause for commnunal riots and religious differences. The book also gave us life lessons the change is the only constant and we need to adapt to change


Calling Sehmat-Harinder S. Sikka



Calling Sehmat is real life event based Spy thriller written by Harinder S. Sikka. This book is author’s first novel and the second edition is published Penguin Random House India. I came to know about the book through the movie Raazi which was based on it and I totally loved it.

Sehmat born to Muslim father Hidayat Khan and Hindu mother in Kashmir. Hidayat Khan was a true patriot for his home country India and would do anything for his country. But life takes its own unexpected twist and turns and takes it’s own course. He was detected with cancer and was unable to take of his own business as well tasks given to him by Indian Intelligence. He now relies on his daughter Shemat to carry out the tasks he had started out. As a result, she had to give up her college and love of her life and marry the son of the Pakistan general.

She is also a patriot just like her father who puts her life into Jaws of death by venturing into Pakistan. Her training and her intuition that helps her to gather vital information that is necessary and manages to communicate back to India.  Despite the risks involved, she did her job with great ease. She also found information regarding Pakistan plans to attack INS Vikrant. In short, Pakistan was planning to fight underwater and have been targeting Indian Naval. This puts INS into Spot and it is time for them prove their mettle and fight for their country. What happens after this discovery and how it unfolds makes the story a great read

Opinions and Rating:

This is the first book that I have read on spy thriller genre and it was a good and an easy read as well. A story of inspiring, strong women who put herself between jaws of death for India. And she did achieve what she set out to do in Pakistan and saved India from a great tragedy but also added to pride and valor of the country as well

I would rate the 4 on 5


The Subtle Art of Not giving f*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving Of A F*ck

Mark Manson is an US-based self-help author, blogger and an entrepreneur. His first book as an author is The Subtle Art of Not giving f*ck. To start the book start with talking about the how giving too much importance about various issues can affect or rather affecting our lives. It is important for categorizing and compartmentalize what matters to us, where we are going to live and also the things that do not matter to us. They just make our lives easier and gives us a better understanding and prioritize the issues that we need really care about

The book also covers the values that we need to compartmentalize internally and improvise them. It is important to give our energies and fuck about those which actually matter and not for others. They make our much easier and life is ever learning the process. When we want to achieve success it is important to go through the process that comes along. That we must be ready to face rejection and come over and still strive for what we want.

To lead a very good life and have a standard relationship it is important to have standard values and set boundaries where we can grow and develop a strong support system. Trust, strong set boundaries, moral values are few which play a very important role and are a backbone of any strong marital relationship. Questioning yourself in various situations that our life has to offer and before coming to the conclusion. Assessing our selves from time to time help us grow. Also, it is important to open to others views as well. He also talks about coming to terms with death and that it is inevitable and it is the one thing that is bound to happen with certainty

My Opinions and rating:

The Subtle Art of Not giving f**k by Mark Manson has been the most recommended book in the #bookstagram community in Instagram and also from my avid reading friends. I got this book out of a pure recommendation and amazing reviews. Although I brought this 2 months back I finally read the book. There are points that he has conveyed rightly that are very much necessary for life , but over the course of reading they have become more repetitive

I would rate the book 3.5/5