THE JESTER – James Patterson and Andrew Gross Reviews

The Jester is third book of James Patterson that I have read.

Hugh is an innkeeper in a small village in France. Helived with his wife Sophie under the control of his liege Baldwin. He left the village to fight along with crusade for freedom and wealth. But during the fight , he found the purpose was lost and meaningless. He returned back to his village only to find his wife abducted and child killed

He leaves his village to find his wife and fight for justice. He headed towards tours where Baldwin resided, but only to fight his strength and get almost killed by boar in the forest. He was saved by Emilie a noble from Blois. With the help of Emilie and Norbert (a jester) he was trained to be a jester and was sent across to Tours under the pretext. He killed the person who he thought was responsible for his wife’s and son death only to realise the truth later. He found his wife in a cell in Blois and from traced the truth. Black cross has been in search of the relic. They were under the order of Stephen the Duke of blois. Meanwhile he falls in love with Emilie who help him all the way through his fight

He along with his village people fought against crusaders who visited his village again. They had come to claim the treasure that Hugh(which he himself didn’t know what he possessed) had. Thier victory against reached nearby villages.

They started thier fight by taking over the castle of blois. From there with enormous army they had gathered they went to fight against Blois for justice.

What happens next and how he lives a happily ever after with Emilie completes the story.I found the book little disappointing with the story line. I expected storyline to be more strong and impactful. I would rate the book 3/5


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