Politika By Tom Clancy

The book is my first read of the author Tom Clancy. I have heard his books are great read in thriller genre.

The sudden death of Russian President causes a chaos in the country. The country is already in verge of famine where million of people will suffer hunger and poverty unless the necessary actions are taken. The current president starinov who took over the previous one, visited the US president who talk about matters of agriculture, supply of food and other matters.

On the eve of New year’s Eve of 2000 which marks the beginning of millenial, a bomb blast in Times Square shock kills thousands of people and equal number of people were injured in the attack takes place. The blast is linked to higher government official in Russia, this bringing a stop to execution of the deal. Thus putting Russia in a jeopardy and questions of Thier future still unanswered.

Roger Gordian, a business man who has business in many countries including Russia starts his own investigation of the blast by appointing the best team. Meanwhile the government official such CIA, FBI and many such organisations also does a parallel investigation. What happens makes the rest of the story. His efficient team identities the mastermind behind the bomb blast. The culprit happens to be a higher official in Russian government. Despite the effort to cover his traces by killing of all the intermediaries involved in the planning, he was identified. Infact he made an attempt to kill the president Stratinov which also prevented by the efficient team of Roger

But as I read the story I felt there few questions unanswered. Roger team does the best work and finds the culprit of the blast, prevent them from murdering the president and even killing them in the course of events, what have the police officials doing, how efficient are they in resolving the issues? Why is it that government officials with all the resources and access couldn’t find the culprit and prevent the murder of Russian President when a business could do it and bring about justice


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