Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians

Kevin Kwan (born 1973/1974) is a Singapore american novelist best known for his satirical novels Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. In 2014, Kwan was named as one of the “Five Writers to Watch” on the list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful Authors published by The Hollywood Reporter. In 2018, Kwan made Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people and was inducted into The Asian Hall of Fame, a project of the Robert Chinn Foundation established in 2004

Nowhere in the world are there to be found people richer than the Chinese.

-Ibn Battuta

The story is revolves around Nick(Nicholas Young) , from a affluent family in Singapore and works in NYU as professor in History and Rachael Chu a professor in economics. Nick wants to take to Singapore and introduce her to his family . He is best man for Colin Khoo’s wedding and spend the entire summer after that in Singapore. She is not aware of what is in store for her when will be meeting his family . When she comes to Singapore, she exposed to not only the wealthy aspect of nick, but also his family politics as well. His mother Eleanor young disapproves of Rachael and tries to break the relationship. Nick was brought entirely his grandmother and is extremely close to her. His father works and lives in Australia just to avoid the fussiness of his wife. Nick is part of one of the wealthiest family in Asia

Rachael on the other hand was raise by single mother and is an immigrant in US. There is part of her past hidden by her mother their own and safety. Her mother was married to wealthy man back in china who in jail for a real estate scam and was abusive husband and she was born from a illegitimate relationship her mother had. She had to escape to US to escape the wrath of her in-laws and prevent her daughter from getting hurt.

Eleanor had hired a detective to do a background check on her and found about her entire family history. And she used this as a bait to break up the relationship between her son and Rachael. During Colin’s Wedding Nick fallen in love with Rachael even and decided to propose to her. He took her to his favorite place, to propose, but was sabotaged by her mother and grandmother when they came to place of their stay. The truth of Rachael family was revealed, thereby causing a fallout in their relationship

Nick decides to let go of her, but upon motivation from Colin to go and fight for his girl, he brings down mother and prevents her from going to China. Her mother in an attempt to prevent her from going she tells her the truth and they reconcile. Then Rachael, Kerry(Her mother) , Peik  lin and he go out to celebrate in Marina Bay. Finally Both Nick and Rachael reunite.

There are two more books to the series. I hope I will be able to read the book soon. I woul rate this 3.5/5


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