The Palace of Illusion

“I am buoyant and expansive and uncontainable– but I always was so, only I never knew it” Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The palace of illusionThe book Palace of them illusion the story is narrated by Panchaali (Draupadi) from her the perspective. After a long time I have read a book that I didn’t want to put the book down from reading. The character has had a great impact on me and there circumstances in the story that made me pity for Panchaali. Reading the book has left me with mixed bag of emotions about the story and impact of various characters.Panchaali was born from fire along with his brother Dhri as result of yagna conducted by her father to avenge Drona. She was destined to change the history and played a very important role in satisfying his dad goal. Her childhood has been very lonely with her brother as her only companion and support and Krishna who she had friendly relationship. Apart these two people as her backbone she longed for someone to love her for what she is and accept her faults and love him in returnBut story took twist when she has to marry Pandavas and how the story goes from here makes it a great read. In Swayamvara held by her father Arjun comes in disguise of brahmin and wins the competition and get married to her. But the marriage in such a hurry hat she never gets glimpse of him. When they reach home Kunti puts a demand that Panchalli had to marry Pandavas and hence she has five husbands. But Vyas has put across certain rules to make her day to day life easy. In the course of the story she got to experience the role being wife to Pandavas, marriage ,motherhood although she was still deprived of the love she was longing for and her secret love for Karna. She and her husband were treated badly in the hands of Kauravas. When the kingdom was split she managed to build a palace and was name The palace of Illusion. The life went by the way Panchaali had dreamt off, having had one kid each from each husband. But when her husband lost their entire kingdom in the bet game of dice and after Panchalli was sexually embarrassed in the sabha,they had live twelve years in forest and last one year in disguise. When Panchalli was harassed , all she could do to think of Krishna which stopped further humiliation as her husbands didn’t come in support of Panchalli. She declared war and declared the death of Kaurava king. What happens in the war makes it a great readShe also was very strong women who questioned her own destiny, who avenged those humiliated her and took stand for herself which no other women would have in her days.I would rate the book 4/5#books#bookreader#avidreader#booknerdigans#bibliophile#abibliophilesbookblog#livelaughread#mustread#booksbooksbooks#bookbooksandmorebook#bookstagram#bookreader#bookreaderofinstagram#bookphotography#bookcommunity#bookrack#bookshelf#bookshelves#goodreads#epicreads#igreads#bookig#bookstagrammer#booknerdigan #igreaders#allthebooks#bookaddict#lovebooks


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