Tuesday’s With Morrie By Mitch Albom

The book talks about various aspects of life  and existence on the earth through conversations or rather last thesis of Morrie a professor with his student Mitch. In fact the book is based on on real conversation between them. Mitch was student of Morrie in college and shared a great bond then.

But when Mitch moved on with his life, family and driven move ahead in career ladder and earn more money he had drifted away from his own self and had forgotten about his professor as well.

Morrie was diagnosed with ALS a neurological disease affecting the voluntary movement of the muscle such as walking, talking, eating etc. Mitch came to about this when he saw him in a interview on television. This brought back lot of memories and he went and met after a long time of almost 16-17 years.

He then started meeting Morrie every Tuesday which was a custom which they had even when they were in college. They talked about various aspects of life and Morrie imparted crucial aspect and lessons of life to Mitch. This enable to Mitch to revalidate himself and bringing changes in himself.

My opinion, the various aspects discussed in the book are what is known to us or what we keep hearing from various walks of our life. But they are lessons which we have failed to impart in our lives. We concentrate finishing our education, have a great career and all of that, but we fail to develop relationships with people, forget to impart love with people around us. We have forgotten all the emotions in the drive to satisfy our materialistic needs

Rather than living in delusion and accepting that death is inevitable, then we are in an position to understand our lives better. We are then in a position to live or lives better, rather than running behind money, career and etc at the cost of giving up spending time with loved ones and impact on other lives. We forget to live our lives very consciously and learn to live better. Relationship do matter and that is one thing that is going to last, influence us and be there through our thick and thins. They will take of us like no other even in our deathbed. We need to be in touch with our emotions and the same time detach ourselves from it as well. Thus it is important to maintain a balance with various aspects of or life


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