The Handmaid’s tale – Maragat Atwood

The Handmaid’s tale is my second read in dyspotian genre. And also the most recommended read in bookstagram, that is how I came to know of this book. The book talks about the patriarchy, women suppression etc. Here women are categorised based on their position in the society. The Martha’s do take care of the household, Handmaid’s sole job was to breed and bear babies for their commander’s and wives were the better half of the commander and took care of the household.

The story is about Offerd an handmaid who is unable to forget her past, with love of her life Luke and daughter, her best friend Moira who ran away from centre which trains women into handmaid not is she able to accept her present. Her struggle to live the life that she lives, her fight with emotion and how her body is treated forms the essence of the story. What happens to her after being arrested by the EYES is still a question for me at end

Handmaid’s were considered just people for giving babies and just breed on the food. They were mistreated and weren’t given a proper chance to take of the babies. They are separated from Thier families. They were also punished for deviating their job and breaking any rules.

Not letting women belonging to any stature ruthless act, but converting a women to be Handmaid’s to anyone is even worse.

#qotd : What in your opinion, are the changes that needs to be made bring about equality with women and Thier better treatment ?

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