All the Bright Place

“The thing I realize is that it’s not what you take, it’s what you leave” – Violet, All the Bright Places

All the bright places is the second best read of this year for me. The story concentrates on mental health that the characters are affected and struggling to come out of it. This books has been in my TBR for past one year. Finally I was able to read the book and has had a great impact in me. I had my doubts about the book initially as it is one of the over-hyped reads by the bookstagram community. Usually the hyped books do not meet my expectations

Theodore Finch suffers from Bipolar disorder as result of which he has severe and extreme mood swings, does things on intuition and wants to suicide. He does research and looks into various case studies of people who have committed suicide. He often goes to top of his school building which is the bell tower and he meets violet. He does meet meet with counselor whenever he can. His parents are divorced and father lives with women and share a 7 year old child. He and his sisters meet their dad once a week. His own mother is busy with making the ends meet and isn’t able to give sufficient time required for her children

Violet Markey lost her sister Eleanor and has since then gone into depression and lost life in her and interest in writing. She is saved from dying by Theodore Finch who also was the weird person in the school. They start interacting with each other on Geography assignment. Both start learning about each other over the course of the interaction.

Violet realizes she falls in love with him and she come to life and looks outside of her and into the world. But he who showed the world to her, at cost of his own shrinking to just suicide causing loss and void to people close to him. How Theodore changed her life makes it an amazing read?

I would rate the book 4.5/5

My opinion on mental health is that I think it it’s important to pay attention to their children’s behavior and notice any abnormalities. Also to act on the abnormal behavior rather than accepting it as normal. Mental Health is one topic people avoid talking about. It is important to give importance that we give to our physical health as it is necessary to have balance with mental health as well. In this story Theodore wants to cure bipolar disorder himself for the sake of Violet. But fails in the end only to die. His erratic behavior has been assumed to normal by people at home and they haven’t paid attention to his mood as well. Proper attention needs to paid by people and extra care and support needs to given to people with mental issues


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