Barack Obama- Dreams of my Father

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a White Mother and black father. His father Barack Obama Sr is from Africa was a foreign exchange student in University of Miami and he met Ann Dunham. He left his family when Barack Jr was just 2 years back to his hometown to fight for his country. Barack have always heard stories about his father from his mother and grandparents and they usually gave a nicer picture to him. They also never revealed why he left the family and never there for him. He was born at a time when kids out of mixed marriage was banned. His mother and grandparents never believed in racism. They believed in treating every human being in most decent way possible. These mental maturities was due to their exposure to living in places where blacks were mistreated and they were mistreated for interacting with the blacks. I sometimes feel Barack himself has some fear in him due to his color as a child. Over a due course of time Barack’s mother got married for second time to Lolo who was Indonesian by origin. Barack along with his mother has to live in Indonesia for three years. Lolo was good natured, Well Mannered, amicable and pleasant person to be with.

Then on his return to US, he finished his school, graduated from college. It was then realized that he wanted to be community organizer and wanted to work for the needs of the people. Although he initially started his career in a corporate , he later got a job to work as community organizer and hence he was working with Marty. A new chapter of his life began in Chicago, where he had actual life lessons and grooming his leadership skills.

In Chicago he went to work as community manager and understood the grass root level problem of the people there, worked along with them to improve their lives. For him, this part of his life has definitely enhanced his leadership skills. He left to work work better, it is necessary to understand other intricacies such as the how the negotiations work, functioning of law and how the world of politics impacts the life of people. He therefore went ahead applied for Law in top universities and get admission in Harvard. Yet he was looking for answers to his questions that has been troubling him since childhood and thus soul searching still continued

I could understand his identity crisis that he has in his childhood and the his initial growing days. He couldn’t identify with any one particular group, race and other all other things that dominating the society. He always has questions about not only his identity, but also about sense of belonging in the society where race, color played a role. He also has question about his roots, his father whom he met only once in his life

He finally went to his father’s place, Kenya. He definitely did get answers about things he has been searching for, but he had questions and his quench for answers was never over. Probably it was this nature and looking for questions and look out for answers made him achieve what he have today apart from the moral support

As I read the book and got deeper and deeper, apart from identity crises and sense of belonging in world, emotions of people were also relations. The struggles that people has to go through, Africans under the rule of Americans, loss of the authenticity in their culture, polygamy, patriarchy. The impact of patriarchy and polygamy on women and burden that they had to suffer. The children are known after their father and mother is removed from the picture thus giving her no value or important. Such is life isn’t ?

I would rate the book 4.5/5


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