Disrupt and conquer – Review

“It’s never enough to start a business on a great idea, the implementation has to be monitored” – T.T.JAGANATHAN

T.T krishnamachari started the business in Chennai in 1928. They initially started distribution and marketing of various products like kellogs, brylcreem and many others that are part of our life. Later on he went on to become politician handling profile’s such finance. His son narasimhan took over the business at a early age of 16-17. He had great ideas and working on them and setting up infrastructure. But he did lack at looking into small details and day to day implemention of the business and it went to bankruptcy. He then asked T.T. Jaganathan to take over the business and ensure all the loans are paid off. The book is the journey of an accidental businessman who took over the company at ruins and turned into amazing cogglermate is inspiring

TTK prestige are pioneer in healthcare, insurance and pressure cooker and cookware. They are household name and and part of every one life. There has very good stronghold and market share in the home and cookware industry and healthcare as well. They are into various other industries as well

It is important to first identify the problem and then fond solution to it. When running a business we have take of implementation, looking into small intricacies and problem that arises in the operations. Thus if the ideas are not implemented effectively, then entire business would be in ruins. A mere application of common sense and logic also plays a very vital role.

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and looking forward to reading books that inspire me. This is the first book that I read which inspired me. The book gives us brief insight on how to handle business, crisis management, innovation can help in running a business and being a successful entrepreneur

I would rate the book 4/5


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