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Deliver Me by Karen Cole – Review

Deliver Me -Karen Cole

Deliver Me is a debut Novel of the author Karen Cole. Thriller is one of my favorite genre and I  picked up a book in this genre after a long time. In Fact, Deliver Me is a perfect book in this genre and good thriller novel after a long time. Hence I would like to than @quercususa publication for giving me  the review copy

Abigail the protagonist visits the doctor Dr. Rowe only to receive the shocking news of her life, that she is 2 months pregnant. She hasn’t been any sort of relationship for a year, only to realize that something fishy did happen to her in the New year party of her only friend in town. She doesn’t remember anything from the party making it difficult for her pinpoint who was responsible for this. She confides this situation to her friend Danny asking him for help. 

To add on, she receives gifts, written and text messages as well. Her day to day activities and movements are kept track off by the culprit and continue’s to receive taunting messages from him as well. Not only is Abigail shaken by her pregnancy, but also by the mad and psychotic behavior from a person she doesn’t know at all. 

Finally, she tells about her pregnancy to her sister Ellie and Rob(Ellie’s Husband) who take the news as a bit of a shock and finally go along with her. Her sister has been helpful to her until she was denied the adoption of the baby by her own sister. Abigail starts to doubt on every person who did attend the NYE party and reaches a high point, only to realize she has been looking in the wrong direction. She finds pictures of her and few others in nude and odd positions in Ellie and Rob laptop. This was misleading again causing her to doubt on Rob as well

Her sister Ellie goes missing and it during the search she finds out who got her pregnant.  It was none other than Dr.Rowe, who is responsible for her sister’s death. Ellie was murdered for finding out the truth about him and what he did various women. Pictures in the laptop were the evidence found by Ellie on Dr.Rowe system 

The book also talks about sexual abuse and how it affects the lives of various women. The antagonist in the story has also been responsible for the pregnancy of a schoolgirl as well. Drugging the girls and using it his advantage to get involved with him and get the girls pregnant. Abigail had gone for biopsy, who was sedated for the process and in that duration, she was misused. Culprits like this do deserve death as their punishment

I would rate the book 4/5


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