1984 -George Orwell -Review

1984 is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell. This is my second read of the same author after Animal Farm. The book talks set at a time where the entire population under the totalitarian regime and war was a constant part of their lives.

The whole population was under a surveillance even at home. Two-way telescreen was installed at homes to have control over their lives. The protagonist Winston is a party member who worked in editing THE TIMES. He enters into a relationship with Julia despite the risks involved. He also edits the past records based the requirement. He doesn’t like the way party work and wanted to rebel them.

The party ideology was to deprive the people of their personal life and individuality. The main objective of this was out of selfishness to remain in power and avoid opposition rule. This was perfectly kept alive by killing people who were against them, brainwashing and various other ways.

The kept track of activities of Winston for almost 7 years, to finally arrest him. They arrested him to only remove of his intellectual thought and feelings and thus succeeding in brainwashing him. In fact, they had succeeded in removing even the emotion of love with Julia

The book has had a very profound effect on me. The higher ups wanted to maintain the power at the cost of the people. Most of the population was we’re of labor class who were unaware of things and was easy to influence and this was taken advantage of. There is always a hierarchy in a society based on the caste or richness i.e higher, middle and lower.

Secondly, individuality and uniqueness of the people is lost and this no development among them. The population of a country is not allowed to interact with any other. They deprived of knowledge, emotions toward family and friends. They have turned people against each other. Children were against their own parents. They were taught to be loyal and show any kind of emotion to their party. All this for the love of power. So sad isn’t ??

I would rate the book 4.5/5


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