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The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by Stieg Larsson-Review

The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

“The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” by Stieg Larsson is the third in the Millennium series by the author.

This is starts from where it ended in the second part of the series. It behind with rescuing Lisbeth Salander and Zalanckho her father and bringing her into the hospital. Both of them are involved in conspiracy apart from the government. Anything revealed by them would bring various stakeholders down and affect the reputation of Sweden. Lisbeth is accused of things that she hasn’t committed at all. And people from government agencies like S.I.S and Sapo are trying to cover up the truth revolving around it by suppressing and accusing her. She is not given the basic civil right that she needs to enjoy as a citizen of Sweden.

Finally, she gets a chance with help of Blomkvist and his lawyer sister to fight for justice. His sister fights for her in court. Blomkvist work with the police team to investigate the truth in the case and protect both the victim and the nation

Whether Lisbeth gets the justice that she deserves? Will she be denied her basic freedom and civil rights? Will the culprit punished for their deed? The curiosity to know get answers for this question make this book an amazing read

Opinion and rating

“She wondered why she, who had such difficulty talking about herself with people of flesh and blood, could blithely reveal her most intimate secrets to a bunch of completely unknown freaks in the internet” is amazing quote from the book itself which totally reveals the exact nature of Lisbeth and I love her attitude towards people who are corrupt. She is known to fight for justice in every situation she is put in.

Corruption is the main cause for ruining the reputation of any country and this story just highlight’s precisely.

Journalist and journalism can also place a very important role in being out cases affecting the country and bring about justice. Blomkvist is one such character who has played in bring forth only just justice but also has brought truth to the public.

Women should also be treated as equal and never ever be misinterpreted. They play extremely important to growth of nation as well. Female characters in the book have been protrayed as very strong, equal to their counterparts and achieved whatever they wanted to. Lisbeth Salander, Gianni, and Berger are three character from book which is inspirion for every woman

I would rate the 4/5


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