Kushwant Singh Train to Pakistan

Kushwant Singh is an Indian politician, author, journalist, lawyer and diplomat. Train to Pakistan is book he was inspired to write based in his experience during the partition.

Mano Majra is a village on the border of India and Pakistan. A small village where both the Sikh and Muslims community live in peace and harmony. It was the year of partition of India and Pakistan and tension I across the border was arising. The Muslims were killing the Hindus moving across the border to India and vice versa. The trains from Lahore to Punjab and vice versa pass through this village. The entries village was shocked with the murder of the money lender Ram Lal who was an Hindi was murdered by dacoit’s. The sudden shock of this incident doesn’t stop here

The train that passed by for the next few days had people who were murdered and burnt . The entire village nearby Mano Majra was also were murdered and pushed into the river which reached the banks of Mano Majra. All this brought in the reality to the village. The Muslim in the village starter to worry for this lives and the entire village was come to terms that the Muslim have to move out for their safety. The consequences of these events on the people of the village and unfolding the story make the read going


The first half of the book was boring and dragging. He got to the story after 80 pages or so. Since the story is set in the backdrop of the post Independence and partition it gives the reader the glimpse of the what people went through. It not only involved loss, separation of people and was the main cause for commnunal riots and religious differences. The book also gave us life lessons the change is the only constant and we need to adapt to change


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