The Subtle Art of Not giving f*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving Of A F*ck

Mark Manson is an US-based self-help author, blogger and an entrepreneur. His first book as an author is The Subtle Art of Not giving f*ck. To start the book start with talking about the how giving too much importance about various issues can affect or rather affecting our lives. It is important for categorizing and compartmentalize what matters to us, where we are going to live and also the things that do not matter to us. They just make our lives easier and gives us a better understanding and prioritize the issues that we need really care about

The book also covers the values that we need to compartmentalize internally and improvise them. It is important to give our energies and fuck about those which actually matter and not for others. They make our much easier and life is ever learning the process. When we want to achieve success it is important to go through the process that comes along. That we must be ready to face rejection and come over and still strive for what we want.

To lead a very good life and have a standard relationship it is important to have standard values and set boundaries where we can grow and develop a strong support system. Trust, strong set boundaries, moral values are few which play a very important role and are a backbone of any strong marital relationship. Questioning yourself in various situations that our life has to offer and before coming to the conclusion. Assessing our selves from time to time help us grow. Also, it is important to open to others views as well. He also talks about coming to terms with death and that it is inevitable and it is the one thing that is bound to happen with certainty

My Opinions and rating:

The Subtle Art of Not giving f**k by Mark Manson has been the most recommended book in the #bookstagram community in Instagram and also from my avid reading friends. I got this book out of a pure recommendation and amazing reviews. Although I brought this 2 months back I finally read the book. There are points that he has conveyed rightly that are very much necessary for life , but over the course of reading they have become more repetitive

I would rate the book 3.5/5



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