To Let- John Galsworthy

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To Let

John Galsworthy a novelist and a playwright known for The Forsyte Saga and its series. To Let is the third part in Forsyte Saga and the first book of John Galsworthy books that I am reading. This book was recommended to read by my dad and I picked it up at the Book Chor’s exhibition in the month of July. This a classic and hence I need to have a dictionary side by side when I read the book though.

The story revolves around the fourth generation of the Forsyte generation, Fleur and Jon. Fluer who is the daughter of Soames and Irene’s son Jon who fall in love and the tragic consequences make a one-line blurb of the story. There exist a family feud within Forsyte family which the Fluer and Jon aren’t aware and the family takes an effort to hide from them as well. Both Fleur and Jon first meet at a bakery and later they again meet in their cousin’s place where they planning to stay for a while. They fell for the first time they met and are inseparable. Meanwhile, their first meeting has created a certain tension in minds of parents and curious question from the kids to know more of the feud

Fluer who is known for her smartness and inquisitiveness did finally find out part of the truth that Jon’s mother and Soames her father were married and divorced. This was devastating and shocking for her an unexpected twist. Jon who is completely devoted to his mother doesn’t even suspect his mother had divorce prior

Fluer is in a confused state and finally deals with it and speaks with Jon. Asking Jon that they should get married as she felt that the past should be buried. She also talks about to her dad about the truth that has been hidden and also the fact that she loves Jon. Meanwhile, Jon also talks about it to his dad regarding this as well. The truth about the feud revealed to Jon through a letter, which not only shocks him and has had a huge impact on his decision. The death of his father also further complicates the issue.

Opinion and Rating:

What happens after makes the rest of the story. A long forgotten and hidden family feud comes to the limelight and it continues to affect the fourth generation. The title “To let” speaks for itself and speaks of the irony of the situation itself. A two relative of the same family who is refusing to let off their past have a great impact in every one life. To learn and venture into a new and bright future it is important to let of what we were holding. Else it does not pave to new thing and we are stuck to where we are and find it difficult and adjust and have a happy life. I would rate the book 3.5/5


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