When broken hearts meet

Arushi Vats enjoys most of the time reading and writing stories. It’s as if she can’t get enough of them. More than that, she also writes poems and musings from her heart. Her dream is to inspire people through her writing. After her first book, fragile strings, an anthology of poems, comes another fiction book, when broken hearts meet, taking you to an unparalleled journey where there is love, friendship and healing of two hearts in ways you may have never thought.

Avanti a third year student meet suhas. She is introduced to him through his sister kritika. They started out as friends.But Avanti was still hung to her past and ex boyfriend tried to get back in her life. The unexpected entry caused a conflict between her and suhaad. She had started developing feeling for him and vice versa,but ego has knack of finding its way in the middle of ant relationship. The story is about two people who have had bad relationship in the past and have mutual love feeling for both,finally face and embrace it with all the confidence


A normal predictable love story of two people who have had their share of turbulent relationship. The writing is very simple and easy quick read. I would rate the book 2.5/5


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