The Girl Who Played with fire


mil 2

The Girl Who Played with Fire  is the second novel in the best-selling Millennium series by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. It was published posthumously in Swedish in 2006 and in English in January 2009.

The Plot:

Lisbeth Salander goes off to a trip for a year and is devoid of contact with anyone she knows. During the trip she fall in love with maths especially fermat’s theorem and starts to study about it more. Given her unique nature it fits.  Her last leg of the trip ended in grenada, which is hit by a tornado. She saves life a young boy she befriends and a woman who is becomes a victim of murder. On her return to stockholm she buy a new flat, changes her lifestyle with her stolen money.  But few days into her return to stockholm she become the suspect for a triple murder.

Dag Svensson a journalist and his girlfriend approaches Millennium  to publish a article as well as book on sex trafficking. Despite a law in place, the law enforcing them and those supporting them where also involved in them. Blomkvist was bring to light so many punks and other who career might get destroyed once exposed.Blomkvist was working with them and had paid the couple a visit to get some material when he found about the murder. This eventually led to investigation and a lot of media attention to the case. A murder weapon was found and fingerprints was matched to Lisbeth Salander who happened to visit the couple,but never a murderer. Also in due of investigation, her guardian was also found dead. The police was working with assumption that Salander was a murderer whereas blomkvist and Armanksy were working with the fact that she wasn’t.  As the investigation  proceeded the latter proved to right and she was not a suspect anymore. Her father Zala has been the mastermind behind the entire operation. The story revolves around solving the mystery and finding a link behind Zala , Bjurman and Salander. Why is always Salander a target for someone else fault?

Opinion and Rating:

An Amazing crime thriller and a must read. This a book which is a combination of both plot based and character story. As I read the sequel of the book, the more i fall in love with the character lisbeth salander and plot. The story intriguing that I am looking forward to read the continuation in the third part as well. I personally feel that it is difficult to such kind of crime thriller which rise our curiosity and hangover after reading.Amazing and unexpected twist and turns out of nowhere,but also makes sense to the story. More of this kind of books need to come. There many thriller where I am just able to understand the plot before finishing

Hence I would rate the book 4.5/5


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