The Girl with the Dragon Tatto

The Girl With Dragon Tattoo


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  is a psychological thriller novel by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson (1954–2004), which was published posthumously in 2005 to become an international bestseller.It is the first book of the Millennium Series.


Mikeal Blomkvist, who is a journalist, publisher and part owner for Millenium loses his fight against billionaire industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström. As a result he has to serve jail for 3 month period  and also pay the fine.  Just as he is analysing the consequences of this entire event on him as well his company , he gets call from  Henrik Vanger, the retired CEO of the Vanger industries. He is called to resolve the mysterious missing case of his niece Harriet Vanger  and also to write the biography of the vanger industries and their clan.

On the other hand another strong character Lisbeth Salander who has had troubled childhood works as freelancer as PI( Personal Investigator) and is also a computer Hacker. She did a complete research on background of Blomkvist before  Vanger hired him.

Harriet Vanger went missing on the day when vanger family usually meet and just also on the same day when there was serious case of accident between vehicles which had created a commotion in the city.  The case has not been resolved for 30 Plus year.  Henrik her uncle wants to try one last time  trying to resolve the case assuming she was dead. The only clue Harriet left of is the date diary with mysterious clues and the pictures taken during the time.

When Mikeal Blomkvist started working it took 6 months to get some material clue. He got 3 prime clue to process with the investigation.  But to solve the puzzle ahead he needed help. He somehow came to about Lisbeth Salander that she did a very good job in getting his detailed background details and secrets that his friends only knew about.  He was amazed and astonished by her report on him and hacking talents as well. With the help of such efficient research analyst, the investigation took speed and such unexpected twist and turns. Despite the treats and near death experiences from the suspect they were persistent to bring out to Henrik.

Resolving one half of the case paved way final leg that is Harriet. All the clues now made more clear that she was very much alive and was in australia running over his husband business. He went to australia confronted with harriet and brought to visit her favourite uncle Henrik Vanger.

The story doesn’t end here. He still had the impending issue of bringing out the truth about Hans-Erik Wennerström to public. Even here Salander proved to useful resource as she had provided with humongous data she had collected about the Wennerström and also with the hacking information on a day to day basis and tipping Blomkvist from time to time till a 40 page article was published in Millenium. This became a sensation and ultimate fall down of the industrialist and for which the sweden stock market as well.

Opinion and rating

Blomkvist and Salander are two characters who are the backbone of the story and together they are great partners in crime. Their character gets so ingrained that we can’t get over them even after the end of the book. The novel by itself is a complex thriller which unexpected turns and combination two opposite people, who are different or poles apart in their character, way of working make a perfect combo. Salander is women though emotionally closed, but she was extremely independent, risk taker, does not bow down for anyone in the society especially men. Her guarded nature and her presence just arouses a certain kind of curiosity for the person on the opposite end . Now, she is a type of women that I see lacking in many today. Blomkvist on the other hand is person opposite in these regards with salander, but at the same he goes about things with certain flow. He doesn’t pester much in other person private circle if they are not open enough and have never crossed the limit. He has been like this especially with Salander which both left her both surprised and curious. Both the character unique in their own make me as a reader fall in love with them

I would rate the story 5.5


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