Review-Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is one of the classic novels written by Jane Austen and published in the year 1813. The book is one of the most loved and fascinated novels of time and will continue to be. This is the second book of Jane austen that I am reading. I thoroughly enjoy the style of writing of the author as well the story. It is one of the renowned books in English Literature and one of the highest sold books.Before I started with Pride and prejudice, I finished reading and reviewing of the book Sense and Sensibility. They strongly talk about the dependence of women on marriage and not just that. With men, mostly how they are valued based their wealth as well status in the society. This reflects the reflection of how society looks upon Women. But also the fact that women is said to be accomplished when they are well versed with singing, Dancing, Painting and as well take of their home or the family,i.e the women should be all rounder to be accomplished.

The story begins with Mr Bennet and his five beautiful daughters,meaning the his wealth can never passed to any of their daughter. Typical isn’t despite being wealthy,due to stereotypical society women can never inherit the property, the men who get or passed on with the wealth. The plot revolves around complex relationship between Mr.Bingley and Jane, Elizabeth and Dr Darcy , how people of complicated and opposite character fall in love with situation. Sometimes unexpected things happen unexpected times. Mr Darcy is person known for his pride, known for interacting with people who belongs to close circle and attitude problem who he not known to him. Darcy interference in Jane’s and Bingley relationship which was main cause for bitter relationship and separation for a meanwhile. Little drama from Lydia who is the youngest of the siblings from Mr.Bennet family who eloped from the family with Wickham and was finally brought back and they were finally married. After the lot of drama and complex relationship,there was a happy and amicable ending. The story  helps us to understand how pride and being prejudiced against people without knowing their true nature can affect relationship and move people become averse towards them.


5 thoughts on “Review-Pride and Prejudice”

  1. It is 200 years over but still the basic pride and prejudice prevails..excellent review..would like more on your impressions than a synopsis of the book, though..❤️


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