Die Trying- A Jack Reacher Thriller

Die Trying- A Jack Reacher Thriller81bpjkrcyhl411849467732878920.jpg

James D. “Jim” Grant ,primarily known by his pen name Lee Child, is a British author who writes thriller novels, and is most well-known for his Jack Reacher novel series. The books follow the adventures of a former american military policeman, Jack Reacher,Who wanders the United States.His first novel, killing Floor, won both the Anthony Award, and the Barry Award for Best First Novel. Jack Reacher is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of books by Le child. After leaving the US Army as a major in its military at age 36, Reacher roams the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations

Thriller is one of most favorite genre and this book perfectly read. This is first Jack Reacher thriller I have read and purchased the book in Chennai book fair expo 2018. This is a amazing event every year and I look forward to every year.The author got into plot in the first few chapter of the book. The story starts in California, in a laundry shop when Holly an FBI agent comes out after getting her clothes. As she struggles with the clothes on one hand and Hand clutch on the other, thing fall out of her hand.  Jack notices her struggles and helps her out and it is here these both are held up by 3 people with guns. They were being kidnapped  by them and were escorted to car.  In due course of the journey from there on , they eventually start interacting with each other. Holly is a FBI agent who joined there recently and was working for Wall prior to this for three years. Her father is the head of the US military.  Jack due to history with the military police, he had observational skills and gained initial knowledge of both the kidnappers and as well Holly. He doesn’t reveal about himself much except for the fact he works for a bar. Over the course of the journey, based on her observation and his behavior tone, and because of her military family background she managed get the information out of him about his military experience.  The kidnapping was mainly to get hold of Holly and Jack was not part of the plan. Due to his presence at wrong place and timing with the right person, he was just add-on in the process.

In parallel , agents who worked with the her in FBI have found out she was  missing   secretive steps were taken in this regards and was kept under wraps. McGrath head of FBI California branch, and 2 agents who closely worked with Holly were taken into the case. The agents did their initial ground work by tracking her movements and regular activities which led them to the laundry shop and with the help of  camera they found out that she was kidnapped with 4 people. With the help of the camera in the laundry shop they were able to take picture of the kidnappers. They also tracked the car which was burned down by the kidnappers and murder that was committed by them. They also found  a truck by the lake side and forensics were brought to do further analysis.

Meanwhile one of the kidnappers tries to misbehaves with Holly  when they were put to halt in a horse barn. Despite her heroic act to safe guard, she couldn’t protect herself on her own. Jack who lost his anger and did kill the kidnapper , thereby saving her getting harassed. Next day they moved from the horse barn and were on drive for more than a dtttay and finally reached Montana Milita. Holly was taken to a separate room and was kept away from the drama that happening out with Loder( one of the kidnappers) and Reacher.  Loder was prosecuted the following the next for the big error he committed during the mission. First for involving burn of car, murder of dentist,  kidnapping a person who is not relevant for the purpose i:e Reacher.

On other end, FBI were able to track the movement of Holly. Kidnapper made us of the credit card of the dentist that murdered  in the start of the story when stealing his car, to rent the truck that they were having the final journey to reach Montana and had got the fair idea of the culprit based on the examination of the truck/car they had left before they rented for another truck.  Also murder of the driver,one of the kidnapper was reported to police by the farmers. This led them to the horse barn where both Holly and Reacher had last spent the night giving them rough idea about the murder. The FBI were able to track the three kidnappers and only one they were not able track Jack Reacher. In fact they were able to find the head the militia group who was none other than Beau, his history and philosophy. His father once owned a farm and had taken and loan from the bank. He was unable to pay and bank took his land off , thereby leading to to  bankruptcy and his ultimate death.  But with the help of Johnson they were able to track Reacher’s military background.

The arrangements from FBI and military are done to rescue Holly and at the same time visit the white house to get further help. But in vain, no help  from the president as he was more worried about people at large. In Montana militia, FBI Spy Johnson who is in there for a year was killed brutally and was crucified in a cross. Both Holly and Reacher was given the task of burying him. They tried killing Jack, for the murder of one of the kidnapper and his life was saved by Holly. Finally both of them made an attempt,but in vain and caught up by Frowler. The telephone connection in the militia was removed off by the FBI agent to stop the communication and isolate them. Frowler was investigating for information from Reacher, as the communication went off, but ended up getting killed in the process. A helicopter with 2 men was sent to rescue them and they failed.

But Reacher with the help of FBI agent McGrath, and Garber who was general in the military( also the boss of Reacher) they managed to rescue Holly, but also kill the main lead of the Montana Militia Beau Borker.  Both the agent who worked with Holly and helped McGrath in this case -Borgan and Mileskav were the mole from FBI who secretly passed on the information secretly to the Montana militia group. In return these Agents were receiving huge money in return which even the FBI couldn’t afford to give them as part of their salary. Lastly they also prevent bombing that was to happen in San Francisco, by tracing the Stevie who was riding the truck with the bombs from Montana

  I would say this book is a average read and has put my expectation for the book little down though. The story is revolves around Holly an FBI agent and the main Protagonist Jack Reacher, who are kidnapped for some political reason and how they come out of it with the help of the FBI and military officials. I was excited by how story was taken through in initial part. The middle part of the book, I found it to be boring . The final plot of the story was good enough, but not the best ending that I had in mind. Despite this, I liked the way the story ended when compared to rest of the narrative in the book. I would rate the book 3.5 on 5 and recommend it as one time read.


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