The Killer Sword



The killer sword is the third part of Ponniyin Selvan. Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy (9 September 1899 – 5 December 1954), better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and Indian independence activist.He was named after Kalki avatar, the tenth and last avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. His writings include over 120 short stories, 10 novellas, 5 novels, 3 historical romances, editorial and political writings and hundreds of film and music reviews.

Lets continue from where we left off from the second part of the book.The cyclone continued for another two days.After it ended Pazhuvettarayar along with his queen Nandini finally arrived at Nagaipattinam port which one of the most busiest port in Tamil Nadu those days.Thousands of goods arrived at the port from other lands and thousands of boat used to transport the goods to the shore. At this point Parthiban enters and meets Periya a puzhavettarayar and his wife. He got carried away under the influence of Nandini and causing caution of doubt to Periya puzhavettarayar. He narrated his part of the story to them and gave them updates on the prince. The news was shocking to both Nandini and the Periya puzhavettarayar which after hearing went about to get inspect Parthiban’s ship. In the meanwhile Nandini brought Parthiban under her control, told a lie to him that Illaya Piratti was plotting against the Chozha dynasty and convinced him to do what she wanted to do

Now lets move our shift to the prince whom we left him off in the sea trying to save vandiyathevan and to Poonkuzhali. Both the prince and Vandiyathevan were in her boat as Poonkuzhali rescued them.The prince was trembling with flu that had spread whole Lanka, and was safely taken to Kodikarai. Before going ahead with journey Poonkuzhali over hears the conversation between Rakkammal, Ravidasan and Nandini. Rakkammal met  Nandini and informed her that Ravidasan is waiting for her near the temple.Both the women go ahead to the temple. Nandini and Ravidasan have conversation and this was overheard Poonkuzhali. She is shocked and had to take steps to protect the prince even faster .Hence she runs to the place where she left the boat and just to find out missing and start to running to the secret mandapam in search of them. She was followed by her cousin Sendhan Amudhan. Both met and their conversation was overheard by Ravidasan. The magician came out from his hiding spot and blackmails her to tell truth about the hiding place of the prince and vandiyathevan. But somehow both of them managed to trick the magician who got caught in quick sand. Sendhan Amudhan and Poonkuzhali ran to the place where they had hidden the prince and Vandiyathevan.

Both Vandiyathevan and Sendhan pulled the boat from the hidden spot with the prince.As Poonkuzhali was conversing with each ,they saw Rakkammal and Ravidasan the magician hidden behind the bushes in the canal and watching them.In order to deviate their attention from prince both Poonkuzhali and Vanthiyathevan had to do small act ,to send a false message that the prince was killed by him during the cyclone.After that Poonkuzhali went on the boat with her cousin and Vanthiyathevan also left on horse to continue his journey .After ensuring that Prince and others were safe and have crossed the channel,he left the message that he leaving for Pazhayarai. Poonkuzhali,her cousin and Prince finally reached to Nagaipattinam Choodamani Viharam they could accommodated and proper treatment be given to Arulmozhi given his health condition. Vandiyathevan after a brief in a small village restarted his journey and reached river Mullai and here meets Devaralan who is one of the conspirators working with the magician Ravidasan.

At a distance they saw a palanquin and suddenly few men came out and captured. He finally met with the enchantress Nandini. After a small intense conversation they separated and he was left back in the bank of Mullai where he had the night’s sleep. He woke up the following morning to sight of Kalamuhars and all they said was he was to face a grave danger. He met with Maduranthakan the middle of the forest and was shocked. Kandaradithar was ruling the Chozha dynasty before Sundara Chozhar took over.He was staunch devotee of Shiva and had no interest in the materialistic world and also ruling the kingdom. His wife Sembiyanmadevi was also follower of Shiva and went on spiritualistic tour frequently.Before his death he had instructed his wife to bring up his children also as devotee of Shiva and should have any interest in the throne.So from the time he was child Sembiyanmadevi made sure to instill a deep devotion to Lord Shiva and give up the worldly pleasures.But even since he got married to the daughter of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar,there is sudden spark in him to rule the empire no matter Now she had sent message asking for his son to come to Pazhayarai so that the future course be discussed.

Lets get back to one of my favorite character Vandiyathevan who is in the middle of the forest who woke up in the early morning to the sight of Kalamuhars. They were just standing just standing besides him and he was still and acting to be asleep on purpose.Just after their departure he woke up .Their words “He will soon face grave danger” was still echoing in his eyes.Now a little history of Kalamuhars. They followed the tradition of Kapalikas in all aspects except to the fact they did not offer animal sacrifice.After he woke up ,silently followed Kalamuhars and overheard their conversation.They were taking about Maduranthaka Thevar who could ascend the throne and Arulmozhi who according to everyone is drowned in sea and have updates on his movements .And the other’s time on earth was coming to an end. He immediately left for Pazhayarai to meet with Kundavai and to give the information before any disaster happens.He didn’t want any wrong information to reach the princess.On his way he met with chariot of Maduranthaka Thevar .He used this chance to enter the palace by acting as soothsayer and said there was danger awaiting from him.

Before Sundara Chozhar ascended the throne, the Kingdom was ruled by his uncle Kandaradithar. He and his wife sembiyanmadevi was staunch devotee towards lord Siva and had dedicated their entire lives to the service of lord and build His temples.He did not believe waging war to expand his kingdom to avoid suffering of his people and wanted to establish peace.Hence the kingdom shrank considerably.Hence he didn’t want his son or his children take over the kingdom and wanted them to dedicate their lives to Lord Shiva .Hence he choose the best suited person to take over him ,that is none other than Sundara Chozhar. So for Maduranthakar until he was 20 years listened to his mother and her words were final words for him.But since he got married to the daughter of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar, he convinced and intrigued to ascend the throne of Chozha Dynasty. The Pazhuvettarayar always urged Maduranthakar to convince his mother to agree to it.The entire entrouge of Maduranthakar and Vandiyathevan entered the palace and slowly began to enjoy the festivities in palace.In midst of the festivities he caught the eyes of princess Kundavai. After the end of the festivities Maduranthakar tried to convince his mother,but she was strong enough not to fall for the bait and argued to keep the promise to her husband as long as she is alive. And conveyed her disappointment.

We all know vanathi was kodambalur princess and also close aide of Kundavai. Since arulmozhi has gone to war and the rumors that he had fallen into the Sea during the cyclone night she has fainting a lot. She has been having mood swings, happy as moon and sad as saith rise. On hearing the news the prince has drowned in sea, she has been devastated, fainted and fell into water. This created a commotion and Kundavai, Vandiyathevan and others came around to help her around. Meanwhile there was commotion at the entrance of the palace and this was due to arrival of prime Minister. He had come on behalf of Sundara Chozhar to convince Sembiyamdevi to let his son be crowned as the king,but still stands strong to prove her point. Following which he also had conversation with the princes Kundavai and were discussing matter about Arulmozhi and she was trying not to reveal that prince has been saved and is taken care of in Choolaimani viharam by Buddhist monks. As she was about to leave to prison to bail out Vandiyathevan to set him on further journey, she met with Vanathi. The kodambalur prince was planning to leave to as his uncle was coming from Lanka and would like to visit him and get all updates about Arulmozhi, as she has been deeply worried about him and his well being.

Vandiyathevan began his journey to Kundandhai  with the scroll of prime minister. It was month of Aiypasi and beauty of Chozha Dynasty was even more stunning and amazing to watch as we travel. The fertile land , crops that had grown and he was completely immersed into this beauty and was in completely different dream world.Suddenly,vandiyathevan heard the song and was startled as he looked up and saw Azhwarkadiyan seated on the top most branch of a tree. As both of them were conversing , Vandiyathevan saw a palanquin and belonged to  royal family.  The vaisnavite did not reveal the truth on questioning and asked him to meet at kollidam. He started his journey and went past the palanquin and caught sight of Kodambalur princess.He finally reached the Kudandhai Josier’s house.There he met with Kodambalur princess.She begging him to take her to nagapattinam choodamani Viharam. She wanted to initiate the process of Buddhism. But both the Josier and vandiyathevan convinced her to do opposite.After this both the princess and Vandiyathevan parted ways and went ahead with the journey.

Vandiyathevan was captured and got hold of  by Nandini and other conspirators. On the other side Vanathi was got hold of Kalamuhars as her to reveal the hiding place of Prince Arulmozhi. She tried to be bold but eventually failed to have a strong impact. Then Prime minster came up in a elephant and was forcing her to let the truth about the prince out.And she fainted out there and was finally saved out by Princess.The whole incident was a dream.Now lets move on to Arulmozhi and how well he is doing. He illness has subsided and had met with the head archarya and he got update as to what happened from him.Then he went to meet his beloved sister and Vanathi in Nandi Mandapam to discuss about the next move.After a serious conversation between Kudandhai and Arulmozhi,they shift their focus on Vanathi  and Poonkhuzhali. As Poonkhuzhali was conversing with Prince and Kundavai,they saw vanathi was about to fall into river and was saved by Arulmozhi. The story continues in the next part…………………


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