Death on the Nile-Agatha Christie


Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan, DBE was an English Crime novelist,short story writer, and playwright.She is best known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, particularly those revolving around her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She also wrote the world’s longest-running play, a murder mystery, The Mousetrap and six romances under the name Mary Westmacott. Death on the Nile is a book of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 1 November 1937 and in the US by Dodd,Mead and company the following year.The full length novel was preceded (1937) by a short story with the same title, but with Parker Pyne as the detective. The details of the short story’s plot are substantially different, though the settings and some of the characters are very similar.

The book features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. The action takes place in Egypt, mostly on the Nile River.The story begins with Linnet Doyle,a socialite and one of the richest women in London lived a comfortable life and gets whatever she wants done. She is  known for her beauty, business like behavior and  was of caring nature. Her friend Jackie(Miss de Bellefort) had called her asking for help. Jackie had a boyfriend Simon Doyle who was in need of job and she wanted Linnet to help in this regards. Both Jackie and Simon were deeply in love with each other ,were planning to marry and enjoy their  honeymoon in Egypt. Both of them went on a date in a hotel and their conversation was overheard by Hercule who was sitting in near by table. Linnet was also engaged to someone else from a reputed family.

But when both Jackie and Simon met with Linnet, the situation and equation changed among them.Both Simon and Linnet fell in love with each and got married in a private affair and also in hurry.Many came to know through the newspapers and was a shock to the whole world as it was not expected.Linnet from high-end society and Simon was a nobody. After the wedding ,they took a trip to Egypt for their honeymoon.It is here the trouble so to speak begins.Simon Ex-Girlfriend Jackie kept following them and it becomes suspicious. This matter is brought notice to Hercule by Linnet .Later next day,Doyle approaches Hercule to speak in this regard.

Despite this, Mr Simon Doyle and Linnet Doyle continued their journey and tried to stay away form Jackie so that their honeymoon goes smooth without any issues or discomfort.But the effort were in vain and couldn’t avoid her. The couple and other who were part of the trip were out of the boat and having a nice time enjoying the beauty of the place,the temples ,the architecture of the place and getting with the familiar with the history of the place. Meanwhile,Hercule met his friend Colonal Race. He came to Hercule to inform about viable suspect in the group of people who were in the ship/boat .At the same time Hercule also shared his share of doubts on certain people based on the incident encountered. Linnet almost met with death on returning from touring around the place ,but the suspect was smart enough to make it look like accident.Now lets move a little forward in the story.In the bar,Linnet Doyle called off for the night and went to rest. Fanthrop was reading a book,Simon was reading as well.

Cornelia was doing Needlework when Jackie came in and started by ordering a drink and also striking a conversation with Cornelia. She wasn’t allowing Cornelia to go back to rest and wanted to continue the conversation.Jackie was trying to making conversation to someone through Cornelia.When Simon tried to leave to rest,Jackie went ahead and started to argue about how unfair he was to her.In the heat of the moment she took the gun she had and shot him.The doctor was called to treat him, the nurse was called to take care of Jackie to calm her down.Next morning ,news come to Hercule, that Linnet has been murdered.

Hercule and Colonel Race started investigating the scene and people on board. Linnet was shot through head and the murderer had written a symbol J(referring to Jackie).Then they started investigating all the passengers on the board . They became aware of the other incident with Mr Simon at the bar. After first few interviews it was sure though Jackie had motive she didn’t murder and had a perfect alibi. She was taken care of by the nurse and also was given an injection to calm her down and get her sleep. Finally Jackie comes into the scene of investigation and her side of story is also been heard.She reveals that her conversation where she conveys her agitation with Linnet was overheard by someone.Then both Hercule and Race went on to meet Simon along with doctor Bessner.

He was shot in his leg by Jackie the previous night. He reveals that long time enemy to linnet family was on board and it did upset her. Linnet’s mom was born to a millionaire and she married a person who plainly rich. He earned his living by betting in market and hence made more enemy.In the field he works one day a person is affluent and another day penniless.Because of Linnet’s father, father of accused went penniless which could be prime cause for murder. Now they interviewed the maid of Linnet who was last person to see the victim alive. Through that they found that the pearls also were stolen by the murderer and also there was another enemy in ship.

The former maid of linnet was in relationship with Mr Fleetwood who was also in the ship. He was married to local in Egypt, but went back to her family and never came back for more than half a decade. But both of them were in a serious relationship and intended to marry. But Linnet did a little bit background check and put an end to the relationship.Hence they suspected Fleetwood also a suspect and interviewed him.

Hercule and Race called up all the passengers in canteen where they all had their food so that their room as well the bags could check for the lost pearls. In meanwhile,the nurse came up to them and handed over the pearls and said the her patient Van Shyler is a kleptomaniac and is in a habit of stealing jewels wherever she had an opportunity. But Hercule was smart enough to find that jewel was fake and original was still with the person who murdered the victim.They did the search and found a gun in a bag of daughter of Mrs Otterbourne and also gun with Andrew Pennington. But the search ended in vain.

Next day morning, Hercule met with maid of linnet and gave him a hint regarding the killer, but couldn’t fully comprehend then. Later in the evening she was found dead in her cabin. A small bit of note was caught in her nails indicating that the she knew who killer was and used this for benefit and blackmailed for money. The money was in denomination of francs. Before the news. Of the murder, Jackie was called in by Simon and had a private conversation. Significant evidence of this conversation will be revealed later. Mrs otterbourne had seen the murderer enter the cabin of maid and therefore wanted to meet with Hercule and race. Both of the men were with Simon enquiring on few doubts that they had. But before she could the tell name, there was sudden blast and thereby leading to death of Mrs otterbourne.

Then he called Tim and made sure the truth came out of him about the stolen pearl and also revealed that Tim and Rosalie who was his cousin were in fact in love with each other. Once the issue of stolen pearls were resolved, then he moved on to main issue murder of 3 people in ship. The main people involved in the crime were none other than Jackie and her beloved lover Simon Doyle. Their plan was perfect and also had perfect alibi for each other . The story was confirmed by the Jackie herself in detail. Linnet killed herself and Simon also died in a sad way.  All the 5 bodies were brought out of the ship and all the formalities were done.


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