Beyond Harvard-Mark.H McCormack


The book Beyond Harvard was recommend by my cousin,and I found the book pretty interesting. If I could learn and emaculate at least some in my own life,it is for the better and it will bring the best in me.This book is dedicated to Mark H. McCormack who was an American Lawyer,Sport agent and also a writer.He was founder and Chairman of the International Management group,now known as IMG an international management organization serving sports figures and celebrities.Some of his books were The Terrible Truth About Lawyers and What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School, which spent 21 consecutive weeks at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list.The whole concept of Sports marketing was brought in by him and he changed the entire business scenario in the industry.He felt that the sportsmen had a commercial value and that their potential needs to taped fully.There were few traits which came so naturally and it is this that made the business men that he was.Mark was very intelligent,very sociable and comfortable among any cohort group of people.He was perceptive,good listener and observer,hard worker,well organised and punctual.Most important off was standards that he set to achieve was high ,focus was always on profit and believed in having maximum connection with people.But was also a forward thinker,great leader who believed in inspiring and motivating people who worked for him. The first part of the book is all about people and relationship. Mark always believed in creating new relationship with people ,maintaining contacts with the people even if they do not a role in the immediately.They may be of a great help in future.He always believed in networking and he was live version of Linkedn. He was one stop man who could get the task done and bring solution any issues.He believed talent is great important,if he could benefit from it and was could help the other person,he always ready to do it.He always motivated and inspired people around him and especially those who work for him.He was always generous with the networks.He made sure he help those who are in need to contact the right person for the right thing. Being always prepared before any meeting and having done thorough research about the client that we are having meeting with.Also it is important to have proper knowledge of the people with whom we might in party or social gathering as it acts as factor to gather new contact to our network.Everyone with whom we interact or work with are important and understanding what motivates a person to give his best,stay long in an firm and contribute plays a very important role.After reading the book in understood,he gave personal attention to his employees and his clients.If any employee with good potential and talent comes to notice he makes that employee can learn and makes the best of the career ,also retain him in the firm as long as possible.Any client leaves the firm, he ensures he understands the issues ,resolves and makes to rectify them and get the best deal for them.Stay true to yourself is something that i don’t find in people nowadays.Being true to self and transparent to your client the fact and promising what you can actually deliver is very important and it helps in developing trust and loyalty with not only clients,but also with the existing as well prospecting clients.Another thing I observed was he never made any financial promises to his clients when making a deal.Treating an person as human being and accepting them as they is trait which is found in him only.The main factor that made clients choose over any other in the business was he provided an complete package to them starting from bank details,dealing with the investments and as well as looking for any investment opportunities and he also made sure he communicated and consulted with them before any taking the final decision.Thereby both the client and him as well other agent handling the client in IMG are in same update and are aware of any changes if any.With trust comes longevity, if the effects the business in short tern financially,but helpful for the business on long term basis. Just as it is more important to find new talent from outside world and help supporting them,it is also to do the same within the company. The main trait which I found in him that I don’t find in the chairman or any higher management officials is that he is always accessible and boost morale of not only mid-management but also for employees who work below them. As a manager it is important to be an enabler, boost self esteem and look for talent in widest possible pool. The main motto in IMG when recruit was hire people who are smarter than the person in the office. Also it is important to have role model and mentors. Maintaining internal relationships help in employee retention, loyalty and respect. Building trust, loyalty, giving the employee the right kind of space when are working so as to nurture their talent, identifying potential talent with enthusiasm company so there can have fast progress in career are some of the factor which play a very important role in maintaining effective internal relationship with the current many but also in employee retention.

Good and effective communication both internal and external is the best way to create first impression with the client. But also acts as lifeline of any business. If promise something to a person, own it,follow it up and complete the task. Organize the information, keeping up with the time,respect others always keeps us in the edge over the others. Respect the people their cultural differences and thinking from their perspective is a very important trait of any smart person. Small trivial things can be play a significant role. He was very particular getting people’s names correctly. He checked and doubled checked it regularly. This seems trivial matter, but was given importance by him and was one way impressing the other person. Always back up person from your company if he plays very junior, it not only motivated and inspires to do more. It also shows the team spirit. If a task is delegated to a person, it is important to be more proactive and go a extra mile to complete the task given. When organizing a meeting in hotel or any other place,make sure to create a environment so that efficient communication can happen and it can be successful in the end. There is proverb that Old is Gold, hence any good advice by anyone is never old.

Next section of the book is all about negotiation and what goes behind it.Whenever we are meeting a client we should be fully prepared about not only we need of the deal,but also from the client side.Common sense plays a very important role in marketing and negotiations.Adopting Problem solving and consultative approach gives better results. Also work backwards when the client faces challenges.Tone and context matter as well.Always when meeting with the client for negotiation it is important to set positive tone before we proceed the negotiations or selling .Values and ethos do matter and showing them as well respecting those of the clients also matter.When selling a product or representing an sport show passion and full commitment towards them.the tricky or rather the smart thing to do when we are selling is take price out of the equation and it can turn out to powerful strategy to get the deal done. Important trait that everyone need to learn is to give listen and observe more before speaking. When in a meeting read the mood and pitch in at the right time. I also learn sometimes silence can be powerful way of communication. Whether we are in meeting or when we are Sharing bad to our employees sometimes silence speaks louder than words. When negotiating or selling, never overpriced the product or the deal. Whenever making a deal with the client especially new ones, promise them what we actually can do and then outperform. Innovation and thinking out of box is one of the main element of marketing as well as negotiations. Sometimes necessity becomes the driving force for invention. Use ambassadors where ever we to support our case. Use of barter system help achieves the deal, minimize financial expenses and helps in developing a long standing relationship for the business

The third and final section of the book is all about growing a business.When you or anyone who starts or intends to starts a business in near future it important to have strong values and moral principles.Apply them in your business and also make sure we apply them in the business structure as well.It is also important to remain professional all the time and reputation is very important.Build in strong core values and have some room for some innovation.Set a high standard and have a high target to achieve.Pursue perfection and give importance to small and menial things.It might have high impact in the business.Every loss and win that we have in our business as well as in or life matters and we learn from every aspect of it.Take it with positive stride. Information is of great essence and power and use of it properly we help understand and in growth if the business.Matching right contact with the right opportunity at right play a very significant role.It is not only important to gain experience and also necessary to use them appropriately in new ventures and expanding the same in expanded it geographically. Budgeting helps to prioritize on spending and reduce unwanted expenses. Right pricing help us getting the deal and puts us in the right place over the other competitors. Stay ahead of your competitors and growing the business and giving a chance to employees to also in career was main trait of Mark. There is saying that keep friends closer, enemies even more closer. Likewise keep competitors closer and have an update as To what they are up to. Having the entrepreneurial spirit and love for the work that we take help in growth. If we do it passion work is never work. Always look ahead, even at the expense of short term gains. Always look it for opportunities and never underestimate THEM. Never be afraid to take risk, always have long term goals.


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