The Cyclone-Kalki Krishnamurthy

The cyclone

The Cyclone is part 2 of ponniyin selvam which was written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. Initially it was published as weekly series in a book which was later published into 5 parts.It was written in Tamil and was translated by C.V Karthik Narayan in english for the wider reach of the book and culture of the Tamil Nadu.

The story in the first part ends when vandiyathevan starts his journey to Eazham to meet Arulmozhivarmar. On the other end Aditha Karikalar narrates his story of the enmity between him and Nandini. We all know that Adhitha karikalr entered the war at a early age of 16 and defeated the Pandya and beheaded the king Veerapandyan. There is an another story to it which no one in the kingdom knew.He was in love with the Nandini. But during the war the king of Pandya was in hiding in our beloved Nandini and she was taking care his wounds.But in fact they both were in love which Aditha Karikalar wasn’t aware of.When he found out the hiding place of the Pandya king,despite the pleading of Nandini and due to his duties towards his kingdom therefore had to kill the king.But this had created a deep wound in the heart of Aditha Karikalar and enmity towards Nandini. It is possible after the incident to quench her thirst for revenge,Nandini was plotting to destroy the Chozha Dynasty . Lets move ahead to second part of the series

Here is introduction of yet another amazing character Poonkuzhali who knows her way around the ocean and also amazing singer.Apart from her talent,she was known for her fierceness,strong headiness,temperament and helpfulness. She was in her boat which was floating near the shore singing and enjoying the nature around her.On the other side of the forest was a temple and deity of the temple was Kodikarai Kuzhagar and it was built by Sundaramurthy Nayanar about 200 years ago.Our dear beautiful lady left for the temple as it was about to close through the dense forest.It is here she encounters the warrior Vandiyathevan. The interaction between started with a comical.She started to run before he could understand as to what was happening or to start communicating. She came to shore and shifted her direction towards the lighthouse confusing Vandiyathevan. Finally he caught her attention and finally spoke her and introduced himself and how he knew her through Sendhan Amudhan(Who he met in Thanjavur).He tells his purpose of his visit and message given by Kundhavai(Illaya Piratti) and his need to visit Arulmozhivarman in Eazham(Now Srilanka).He asks her help to go Eazham to complete his task given to him as she knew her way around the sea and also familiar with the its nature.But convincing her was humongous task as she was very stubborn in nature.But finally agreed to help him. As vandiyathevan with the help of pookhuzhali travels through sea to eazham, lets moves to Azhwarkadayan, a character which we have forgotten for long time. For a person who is strong vaisnavite in nature, enters into argument as to who is to better, vaisnavite or Saivite in Lanka until the prime Minister of Chozha dynasty enters the scene to stop the fight.Lets detour a little bit into the history.A copper plate of inscription which gave details of grant of 10 velis of land made to prime minister Anbil Anirudha Brahmarayar was found in the village of Anbil ,Tiruchirapalli. This got from Sundara chozhar,four years after he ascended the throne.The whole story of heritage,lineage.Meanwhile when Vandiyathevan is Bhoodha theevu to get help and track Arulmozhivarman, Azhwarkadiyan was discussing the state affairs with the prime minister,Illaya Piratti was contemplating whether to go to Thanjavur. It here the story of Dear Prince Arulmozhivarman is famously called Ponniyin selvam is revealed.After the King ascended the throne,he and his family often traveled in royal boat on river ponni. When elders were having fun on one end and children were having fun on the other end,Arulmozhi went missing.On desperate attempt of searching he was found the floating in the river by Aditha Karikalar. The king fell down to save the baby,but suddenly young women emerged from the river with the baby in the hands. The king took up the baby and went back to boat.It was such a amazing sight and everyone came to conclusion that river kaveri saved him.Hence the name given to the baby Ponniyin selvam. Now its time to reveal another secret in the history of the Chozha Dynasty. Kundavai had arrived in Thanjavur from Pazhayarai to take the matters in hand and resolve them before the dynasty is ruined.Her father reveals a secret that no other than the prime minister no body knows.It was a time when Arinjayar, father of Sundara chozhar was wounded in a battle and was struggling between life and death and in parallel Paranthakar was in death bed.Meanwhile various search parties were sent in different direction to find and to bring Sundara Chozhar back to the palace.Meanwhile the king was in small beautiful island surrounded by water on sides and filled with trees.Here he caught sight of a beautiful girl in the island who was both deaf and dumb.She was girl who was living in forest with no exposure to city life,very naive and innocent.He fell in love with her and having not wanting to return to kingdom and captivated by not only beauty of the place also with the girl he stayed for a while.But the one search party sent to find him,finally found and he returned palace and had to  deal with unusual political crisis.On the day of coronation he saw the girl in the crowd and afterwards he ordered the prime minister to sent to search parties to find ,but in vain and found that she was dead .He always felt that the her death has been a curse to family and always feel he sees her ghostly figure in night.Since we were concentrating on revealing secrets we have forgotten about Vandiyathevan. The town in Eazham he was in was was lying  the opposite  of Rameshwaram on the other side of the sea.He finally arrived the gates of the fort where he wanted enter and meet the commander of the Chozhas and give away the scroll.He tried entering the fort using the same trick that he used in thanjavur fort,but failed.But it in this town he meets his vaisnavite friend Azhwarkadiyan. But all that happens for he good he appeared in the right and was of great help to vandiyathevan. Through the Vaisnavite he met with Kodambalur Chieftan and his army of soldiers.Both of joined them and finally tracked the prince Arulmozhivarman. He was in Mahout along with the local to learn more local culture and Buddhism. Finally both Warrior and Prince finally met face to face and handed over the scroll given by Kundhavai to Arulmozhi. Now they finally to the capital city of Sri lanka,Anuradhapuram and it was day of festivity.Here he met with vaidulya bhikshu sangam at stipulated time.The bhiksu led  prince and his two companions the way and finally reached the hall which was filled with idols of the buddha only. Maha Thero Guru was seated in the throne and other buddha bikshu were gathered around.The main agenda of the gathering was to decide the person to ascend the throne and the Maha Thero guru wanted Arulmozhi to take throne and rule Srilanka. But given the humbleness and kindness he denied to ascend the throne. The secret was finally revealed by sundara chozhar himself  to his daughter.But in Srilanka, Arulmozhi met her and she revealed her story through the paintings.She has helped him in unsuitable situations and saved his life.Here arrive into scene Parthibendran who is Pallava king and now close aide of Aditha Karikalar and had come with the task of taking Arulmozhi along with to Kanchi. Meanwhile a shocking news was brought by none other than Poozhukali. There were two troops were sent by Pazhavettrayar to bring back Arulmozhi to Thanjavur. There was also another ship which was handled by Arab and the control of the Pandya conspirators  whose main intention is to capture the prince and kill him.The prince,vandiyathevan,vaisnavite ,Kodambalur chief and his army reach the bank of the sea.But unfortunately vandiyathevan fall for this bait.The prince takes the help of parthiban,his army and the ship starts off to save Vandiyathevan. As it turn out in the middle all the commotion and confusion,there is huge cyclone, making it difficult to rescue more difficult.The ship that vandiyathevan is get hold of fire and others in the board escape leaving him behind.The prince overcomes the obstacles and save vandiyathevan from ship and he faints off. Poozkhuali save the prince  and takes him in her boat with the help of Sendhan Amudhan. Parthiban and troop f/lose track of the prince and trying track him done and are in worried about his survival from ocean due to the cyclone.The rest of the story continues in Part 3 of the ponniyin selvam


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