The God Of Small Things-Arundhathi Roy

god of small things

Suzanna Arundhati Roy (born 24 November 1961) is an Indian author. She is best known for her novel The  God of Small Things(1997), which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997. This novel became the biggest-selling book by a nonexpatriate Indian author. Arundhati Roy was awarded the 1997 Booker Prize for her novel The God of Small Things

The story is set in backdrop of Ayemenem which is now part of Kottayam,Kerala.Its a story of twins Esthapan and Rachel who were separated at an very early age and were reunited at a age of 31. Ammu Ipe wanted to escape from her abusive father Pappachi and convinced her parents to send her to distant relative of her’s in kolkata. There she met love of her life and got married despite apposition from her parents.He works for a tea estate and is very  alcoholic and abusive and wanted her to be a pimp to his boss.Despite this circumstances she became pregnant and gave birth to twins.After that she gave birth to the twins she returned back to her hometown Ayemenem. Pappachi was entomologist working for the government and ill-tempered and abusive father and a husband to mother.She had a brother Chacko who was married to Margaret a English lady who lived in London and have a daughter Sophie Mol. Both of them got divorced and she got married second time. Esthapan was later sent to  his father in kolkata. After the death of Maraget’s second husband,she and Sophie Mol was invited to India by Chacko. The author smoothly takes though the story to give the brief insight of influence of communism in kerala and Syrian christian lifestyle. Chacko,Ammu and the twins travel to kochi for a movie and also fetch Maraget and  Sophie Mol from airport.On their way to theater there was protest by the communist party for the mistreatment  untouchable labor in the factory. Baby Kochamma was mistreated by the communist.Now lets move to the next character of the book ,velutha who is carpenter and also mechanic who works in the pickle factory and also a communist. Ammu also had interest in this person and hence loved him by night and loved his children by day. Both the twins also started developing peculiar attachment with him as well.The book not only talks about the communism,untouchability,but also how the complicated relationship affects the family.Sometimes one small incident can take unexpected turn in life we may never know.Just going along with the flow of life matters the most.The story moves on to chacko and Maraget. Both of them met in a cafe where Maraget was working and fell in love with each other.They both got married against the interest of the parents of the both the sides.After marriage he loses the scholarship he was receiving and was unable to find the work and this was affecting the marriage.Meanwhile she fell in love with Joe a friend of her brother and realizes she was pregnant with her first husband.After her second husband death she was invited by Chacko to India for to spend some time .Meanwhile,our  dear Ammu is locked up in her room after it is found out the she was having a relationship in Velutha despite the difference in the caste status between them. One fine morning,house faces other devastating shock,when they find out Sophie Mol is dead and the twins go missing.Later a complaint(FIR) is filed by Baby Kochamma about the missing kids and also she filed complaint against Velutha the untouchable suggesting he might have raped Ammu. But she was aware that both Velutha and Ammu were in sexual relationship with mutual consent and was very well aware of the consequences.Taking the FIR into serious account ,the police inspector and his other coworker went to History house were they found the twins and Velutha and he was almost beaten to death and finally taken to  station.It was later found out that the kids were in the history house out on their own and not kidnapped.Despite this Velutha was accused of it and died.But when Ammu intending to station to tell the truth,Baby Kochamma planned and influenced Chacko to sent former out of the house to avoid any further embarrassment  for the family.Also she arranged for the twins to be separate by sending Estha to his dad in Kolkata to prevent the two from any naughtiness in the future.

After reading the book, I realized that small incident which may think as they are not significant might actually effect our life unexpectedly. Life is just very unpredictable and we just we need to go on with life as it moves.Caste,untouchability,dignity and self respect played a very important role than happiness of people around and well between two people.These factors judged if two people can get into relationship,can they go ahead and it made life very complicated.Despite advent of technology,increase on awareness and  education the mindset of the people as well the in the political scenario it has not changed at all. Communism still exist,Politician still propagating widely their religion and putting other lower caste ,rather than giving all equal importance.With respect to this book the story revolves twins living Kerala and how changes in relationship in people and external factors effect their lives


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